Meet Diamond Jim

James “Diamond Jim” Smith

Age: 48

Occupation: Cowboss

Hometown: Dalhart, Texas

Competed: Season 3


Diamond Jim Smith seemed destined to be a cowboy. For one, he would be the sixth generation to pull on the boots and strap on the spurs—but being born in a barn (literally!) just might have sealed the deal.


As a younger man, Diamond Jim could be seen kicking up dust on the rodeo circuit. Among his many awards, he won the Iron Man Cowboy championship. These days, he’s a full-time cowboss for an outfit that runs over 75,000 head of cattle annually. In addition, he has his own horseshoeing business.


In the last year since his appearance on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Season 3, Diamond Jim faced some difficult times. His wife, Mindy, was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor, and he took time off from work to care for her during her recovery. Now, Mindy is tumor-free and healthy, and Diamond Jim continues to manage cattle in the panhandle and is expanding his horseshoeing gig.


He comes to the All-Stars competition fighting for the win, but also with his priorities in order. Of all his achievements, his rodeo buckles, and awards, being a grandfather to his five grandchildren has always been and will always be his proudest accomplishment.