Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

Hosted by Trace Adkins

Twelve contestants duke it out to prove they are the best. INSP’s Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, hosted by country music star, Trace Adkins.

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Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

An Original 6-Night Event

Country music icon Trace Adkins hosts INSP’s first-ever cowboy competition series, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown. Twelve modern-day working cowboys, both men and women from across America, will compete head-to-head to win this six-episode, week-long event. Contestants put their diverse real-world cowboy skills to the test in team challenges that determine how well they work together, and individual challenges that prove who can rise above. Tensions flare, egos clash and values collide as each contestant tries to show they have the passion and grit to be left standing after every elimination. The danger they face is real. The stakes are high. In the end, only one will ride off a winner, earning the coveted Ultimate Cowboy belt buckle and a prize of a lifetime.

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