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Where can you find a garden of culinary delights? Why, in The Garden State, of course!

New Jersey

No Scheduled Airings

It may be called the Garden State, but in New Jersey, diners pop-up like wildflowers. In this episode of State Plate, come with Taylor Hicks as he curates a plate to showcase New Jersey’s love of late-night diners. Find out why you’d never mistake the Italian hotdog with one from Chicago. Figure out the historical role the pork roll sandwich had to play in the revolution. Dance, dunk and dip the night away with a New Jersey original: disco fries. And check out New Jersey’s version of a sloppy joe – a sandwich so delicious and precise you’d hardly recognize it. Celebrate diner culture with a State Plate worth staying up for.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Italian Hot Dog
Jimmy Buff’s  Learn More

Entrée: Pork Roll
Johnny’s Pork Roll | Learn More

Side 1: New Jersey Sloppy Joe
Town Hall Delicatessen | Learn More

Side 2: Disco Fries
Tick Tock Diner | Learn More

Dessert: Salt Water Taffy
James Candy Company | Learn More

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