Eureka! Yes, it is exciting that singer and entertainer Taylor Hicks is heading to California in this episode of State Plate! But “Eureka” is also California’s state motto translated from Greek, meaning “I found it!” The motto was adopted in 1849 and is associated with the discovery of gold. Will Taylor strike “gold” in his search for California’s most iconic foods?

As he tastes his way across the Golden State, Taylor tries his hand at harvesting artichokes and grafting avocado trees. On the coast, he learns how to make the famed San Francisco fish stew, cioppino, and tastes sourdough bread made with a special yeast that thrives in this area of the country. For dessert, Taylor shakes things up with a mechanical tree shaker in order to harvest almonds.

It’s a plateful of California cuisine filled with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.


Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Avocado
California Avocado Commission | Cristina Samiley | Learn More

Side 2: Artichoke
Ocean Mist Farms
| Chris Drew | Learn More

Side 1: Sourdough Bread
Claudio’s Specialty Breads | Dario Aguirre | Learn More

Entree: Cioppino
Phil’s Fish Market | Phil DiGirolamo | Learn More

Dessert: Almonds
Mandelin | Kim Vetsch | Learn More

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