Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, and Dennis Quaid star! Discover the real man behind the myth in this sweeping Western that explores the trials, triumphs, and adventures of the famed lawman, Wyatt Earp.


Wyatt Earp (1994)

Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, and Dennis Quaid star! This epic Western follows the man, the myth, and the legend, Wyatt Earp. From his youth in Iowa to his days as a lawman in Wichita and Dodge City, to the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, you’ll see the real-life trials, triumphs, and adventures that made Wyatt Earp an enduring hero of the Wild West.

From as far back as memory serves, Wyatt Earp has been taught that nothing matters more than family and the law. He’s heard this repeatedly from Nicholas Earp, his daddy, and Wyatt takes that message to heart.

The Earp family moves West from Iowa to Missouri, where Wyatt marries his childhood sweetheart, Urilla, and becomes a lawman. The newlyweds buy their own house and enjoy living together in domestic bliss.

Months later, Wyatt’s life is shattered when a very pregnant Urilla dies of typhoid fever. Heartbroken and alone, Earp begins a downward spiral that’s fueled by depression and alcohol. Unmoored, he drifts from town to town, ultimately ending up in Arkansas—and it’s there that the lawman turns outlaw.

When Wyatt robs a man and steals his horse, he’s arrested and faces the hangman’s noose. Luckily, Nicholas comes to the rescue. He bails Wyatt out of jail and instructs his son to leave Arkansas and never return.

As Wyatt travels through the West, he works as a buffalo hunter and eventually becomes a deputy marshal in Wichita, Kansas. As his reputation for enforcing the law grows, he’s recruited to be a marshal in Dodge City.

Along the way, he meets many Wild West characters, including brothers Bat and Ed Masterson, who both become his deputies. But after Wyatt is accused of excessive force, he’s suspended from his job.

So, for a while, he works for the railroads catching robbers. While pursuing outlaw Dave Rudabaugh in Fort Griffin, Texas, he meets Doc Holliday, and the two become friends for life.

Eventually, Wyatt returns to Dodge City as marshal, but he longs for more lucrative work. Against his family’s and girlfriend’s wishes, Wyatt moves everyone to Tombstone.

Once settled, it doesn’t take long before Wyatt Earp declares war on the Clanton and McLaury clans. With all the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday by his side, Wyatt goes all in at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone.

Now, it’s going to be family first in a fight for the ages—in a feud with a long memory, and lots more adventures to come.