FRI, JULY 26 | 12AM ET

Terence Hill and Bud Spencer star! Trinity is a lazy gunslinger, and his brother, Bambino, is a horse thief. Despite poor morals, they try to help Mormons fend off land grabbers. What could go wrong?


They Call Me Trinity

Terence Hill and Bud Spencer star in this beloved and hilarious Spaghetti Western! The man they call Trinity is a lazy, no-good gunslinger with an amazing fast draw and incredible aim. Trinity has always been good at finding trouble—so when he runs into his brother, Bambino, it’s not a happy reunion. Bambino, a horse thief as well as a great shot, is busy posing as a sheriff when Trinity finds him. Now, Trinity wants Bambino to help him defend some peace-loving Mormon settlers being harassed by a land-grabbing cattleman. What could possibly go wrong?