SUN, AUG 4 | 10PM ET

Sam Elliott stars! Seeking a new life out West, the McKaskel family falls victim to a ruthless gang. But a mysterious stranger arrives and saves them. Is he just kind…or does he have other motives?


The Quick and the Dead (1987)

Sam Elliott, Kate Capshaw, and Tom Conti star! Based on a novel by Louis L’Amour, this gripping Western will thoroughly entertain you! Sam Elliott plays the mysterious stranger who suddenly appears and tries to save a family from a band of ruthless outlaws.

In 1876, The McKaskel family leaves Ohio to become homesteaders in the Wyoming Territory, hoping to start their own cattle business. Along the way, disease overwhelms their wagon train, so they leave and go it alone.

When Duncan, Susanna, and their 12-year-old son, Tom, stop to ask directions in a tiny, ramshackle town, they meet Doc Shabitt. He suggests that they stay the night in a local abandoned hotel, but Duncan gets a bad feeling about Doc and decides to leave.

Back out on the trail, Con Vallian comes to meet them while they’ve stopped for supper. Con informs them that Doc is the head of a gang of outlaws, and Shabitt’s gang has stolen two of their horses.

Against the advice of his wife, Duncan heads back to town to retrieve his horses. He gets into a shootout with the gang, but Con secretly follows him and saves him from getting shot in the back by Doc’s son. As the bullets fly, Doc’s son is killed—and now Doc vows to destroy the McKaskel family.

Susannah, Duncan, and Tom flee in their covered wagon, hoping to outrun their pursuers. Meanwhile, Con follows them and continues to protect them from the Shabitt gang. He picks off several gang members, but four more are still very much alive—and coming for all of them.

The road ahead is full of uncertainty—and danger looms. Along with all the stress and fear of the journey, it’s now clear that Con is attracted to Susanna…and Susanna is attracted to him. Duncan is annoyed by Con’s constant presence and Con resents Duncan’s pacifism. Even young Tom wonders why his father doesn’t do more to protect them!

The Wyoming Territory is unforgiving to newcomers, and the McKaskel’s had better learn fast. But the big question is: will they make it to their new life—or die trying?