Get ready for a classic Western that does things the old-school cowboy way! Randolph Scott and Glenn Ford star in this yarn that is fast paced, action-packed, and entertaining from start to finish. Filmed in Technicolor, it’s the very first color feature film of its kind from Columbia Pictures.


The Desperadoes

the desperadoesThe year is 1863, and Sheriff Steve Upton is intent on keeping law and order in the tiny frontier town of Red Valley, Utah. Some men come here to live honestly and find their fortunes while others come to wreak havoc and break the law. That last bunch of men are the ones who pounce when the Sheriff leaves town—and the ones surely to blame for the bank heist that goes down while he’s gone.

Local banker Stanley Clayton is as corrupt as the day is long, and he’s the mastermind behind the robbery. He’s in cahoots with the livery stable’s boss, “Uncle Willy” McLeod, and Jack Lester, a ruthless gunman who shoots first and asks questions later.

The gang thinks they’re in the clear until Cheyenne Rogers rides into town. He was supposed to be in on the robbery, but he got there too late. Some of the locals are glad to see him, including “The Countess,” who runs the gambling parlor in the local saloon. The Countess loves Cheyenne, but she feels guilty for the way she got him mixed up in a life of crime long ago. Determined to turn his life around, Cheyenne gets an honest job and decides to stay on the right side of the law.

Now that Sheriff Steve is back, he’s happy to find Cheyenne there, and the feeling is mutual. Cheyenne is also delighted to make the acquaintance of Alison McLeod, Uncle Willy’s beautiful daughter.

the desperadoesBut not everyone is happy. The bank robbers don’t like the cozy friendship between the Sheriff and Cheyenne, and soon everyone knows about Cheyenne’s tainted past. Trouble is about to come calling for this lawman and outlaw since the gang will stop at nothing to take them down—especially if it means the robbers walk away while Cheyenne swings from the gallows!

Now it’s up to Sheriff Steve and Cheyenne to make things right…even if it means an all-out gun fight!