Fur traders hoping for an alliance with the Blackfeet Indians head into the wilderness. They endure wild animals, raging rivers, hostile Indians, and even romance. Now Jim wonders: will he survive?


The Big Sky

Starring Kirk Douglas, Arthur Hunnicutt, and Elizabeth Threatt. Filmed on location against the backdrop of Snake River and The Grand Tetons, it’s a thrilling and entertaining Western!

In 1832, Jim Deakins is looking for adventure and money as he joins a group of men headed to the unknown frontier beyond the Missouri River. The group aims to find the Blackfeet Indians, who are known to be amenable to fur trading and friendly to the white man.

This group of about 30 men includes Jim and his new friend, Boone, his Uncle Jeb, and the French leader, Jourdannais. The Frenchman plans to succeed where no other white man has before by returning a kidnapped Blackfeet princess, Teal Eye, to her father. They hope that the tribe will then consider them friends, and reward them with a trading partnership, establishing them as successful fur traders.

Guided by Teal Eye, the Blackfeet Princess, and later by Poordevil, a Blackfeet warrior, the frontiersmen strike out on a keelboat up the Missouri River, for a two thousand mile journey into untamed lands. There was no way they could have known all of the obstacles they would encounter: the unforeseen injuries, river pirates, wild animals, raging rivers, competing fur traders, or hordes of angry tribes.

As the arduous journey towards the Blackfeet territories continues, the group gets whittled down to a hardy few. Along the way, Jim Deakins falls in love with Teal Eye – but so does his buddy, Boone. This causes some hard feelings and an intense rivalry that could turn deadly.

There are more and worse surprises ahead, but Jim Deakins is in it all the way to the end. Although, now he begins to wonder: will this journey end in success – or death?