When an ex-lawman hires his old friend to help him transport gold safely, he doesn’t realize his friend is plotting to steal the gold! Soon, they both learn that loyalty and honor come at a price.


Ride the High Country

Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott star in this visually stunning Western classic that features Mariette Hartley in her first film – and Randolph Scott in his last.

Early in the 20th Century, ex-lawman Steve Judd is hired to transport gold from a high country mining camp to the town of Hornitos, California.

Once upon a time, Steve struck fear into the hearts of derelicts because of his commanding physical presence, but that was then…and now, his age and limitations are as clear as the threadbare clothes on his back and the spectacles on his face.

Realizing that he needs help, he enlists his old buddy and former partner, Gil Westrum, to help guard the gold. Gil talks Steve into also hiring his new sidekick, young Heck Longtree to come along. Steve has his doubts about Heck, but he relents.

Joel McCrae and Randolph Scott star in Ride the High Country.

Steve, Gil, and Heck take the long and arduous ride up into the mountains as they head towards the mining camp. Steve doesn’t know it yet, but Gil and Heck have decided to steal the gold for themselves…and they’ll do it whether Steve agrees to help or not!

Along the way, they stop for a night at the home of Joshua Knudson. Knudson is an exacting and impatient man with a daughter named Elsa. When he finds Elsa flirting with Heck, he slaps her across the face. 

The men leave the Knudson home the next morning and run into Elsa. Unable to abide by her father any longer, Elsa is running away to the mining camp, where she intends to marry her fiancé.

Upon arrival, they learn that Elsa’s fiancé is a scoundrel whose very actions will endanger Elsa’s life … while Gil quietly puts his plans in motion to betray Steve.

In the days ahead, each of these people will be challenged as faith, honor, and loyalty are all put to the test. And even if they choose to do the right thing, they are about to discover that it can have deadly consequences….