Now that Alaska gold miners, Sam McCord and George Pratt have struck it rich, George sends Sam to Seattle to fetch his fiancée. But Sam finds she’s already married, so he brings back a feisty substitute! Problem is she’s falling for Sam…and in spite of his aversion to marriage, he’s falling for her!


North to Alaska

Three years ago, George Pratt and partner, Sam McCord took off for Alaska to mine for gold. George’s fiancée, French-born Jenny, promised she would be loyal and wait for him in Seattle while he pursued his dream. Now, Sam and George have struck it rich, and George is eager to reunite with Jenny. When Sam gets ready to sail to Seattle on a supply run, George asks him to escort Jenny back to the mining camp, where he hopes to marry the woman he loves, and live happily with her in the cozy cabin he built. Sam agrees, though love and marriage are the last things he’s interested in. Meanwhile, George is off, with his rowdy younger brother Billy, to help fellow miners defend their claims against conniving thieves—claim jumpers who file false papers to steal mines from their rightful owners.

In Seattle, Sam arrives at Jenny’s house to find she jilted George and is now married to a butler, a man of meager means. She is none too happy to discover she missed her opportunity to be a millionaire’s wife. Distraught that he will be the bearer of bad news to his good buddy, Sam heads to the local saloon and dance hall to drown his sorrows. At the saloon, he meets hostess, Michelle Bonet, better knowns as “Angel” to her customers. As he chats with Michelle an idea begins to develop. She’s gorgeous, feisty, fun and, best of all French! So why not bring her home to George? She’d make a great substitute for the jilting Jenny!

He offers Michelle Jenny’s trousseau and half-ownership in a gold mine, an arrangement she can’t refuse. The only problem: Angel thinks she’s going to marry Sam, a man to whom the word “marriage” is death sentence. Though she falls in love with Sam, she agrees to marry George, but George sees that Sam is falling in love with Michelle, but he won’t admit it, and soon a raucous romp of miscommunication spirals into hilarious matchmaking schemes. But matters of the heart will soon take a back burner to underhanded business dealings.

Having had his amorous advances rebuffed by Michelle, vengeful con artist Frankie Canon convinces Peter Boggs, a drunken porter at the hotel he won in a crooked card game, to file a false claim on Sam and George’s mine. Now, not only is Sam battling Cupid, but he and George have a legal mess on their hands…but Frankie is not the only schemer in town. Michelle has a scheme of her own—one that will prove Sam and George’s innocence in front of the claims judge, and just might get Sam to say “I do” in front of a Justice of the Peace!

“Ahh, women! I never met one yet that was half as reliable as a horse!” – Sam McCord