Episode 5

Knives, Woodworking, Leather Bags


Adam & Haley DesRosiersAdam & Haley DesRosiers, Knife makers (website)

DesRosiers Knives, Petersburg, AK

Adam and Haley DesRosiers live in a remote area—the Alaskan bush! So they know a good, sharp knife is essential to everyday life. They hand-forge all their knives, giving them the freedom to create custom shapes and sizes, and hand-tailor the performance of each blade.

They specialize in all types of blades from bowies and choppers to chef knives and stunning, ornate swords.


Eddie HamrickEddie Hamrick, Wood carver (website)

Hamrick Woodwright, Hickory, NC

Eddie Hamrick has felt the call to create art since the age of six. After a poverty-stricken childhood in Newton, North Carolina, Hamrick worked in mills where he discovered a love of working with his hands. Now, over 30 years later, he brings clients’ ideas to life in the form of sculpture, custom furniture, corporate awards, musical instruments, and more.

He’s worked on Hollywood sets with stars including Diane Keaton and Reese Witherspoon, and in the country music industry, creating fine instruments for performers such as Willie Nelson, the Charlie Daniels Band and Doc Watson, among others.

In the spirit of giving back, Hamrick continues to donate his time, talents, and resources to charitable causes.


Cambria HarkeyCambria Harkey, Leather bags (website)

Cambria Handmade, Austin, TX

Cambria Harkey was born in New Mexico and raised in Texas. Her love of horses and riding in wide open spaces, gave her a sense of freedom. She loved the aroma of the leather tack that greeted her at the barn.

That distinctive scent left an impression on her, so much so, that later in life she was inspired to fashion her first handbag, using the strong and durable saddle stitch. Today, she uses the same saddle stitching method and basic tools to make bags and accessories. Every product is lovingly hand-sewn, thoughtfully-designed and created from the finest leather.

In 2015, leading fashion industry journal, Women’s Wear Daily featured Cambria as a “Brand to Watch.”

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