When Marshall Big Jim Cole retires to Wyoming to become a rancher, he hopes for a better life. But financial ruin, treacherous people, and a vicious grizzly bear named Satan could be the death of him!


Night of the Grizzly

Clint Walker, Martha Heyer, and Keenan Wynn star in this nail-biting western about a rancher facing treacherous men and a dangerous beast.

When Marshal “Big Jim” Cole inherits land in Wyoming from his late uncle, he decides to turn in his lawman’s badge and retire. So Jim, his wife Angela, kids Charlie and Gypsy, niece Megan, and friend Sam Potts arrive to claim Jim’s inheritance.

Very soon, Jim learns that there’s a mortgage on the land that will cost him almost all of his savings to clear. Plus, a neighbor rancher, Jed Curry, wants the land for himself because he was the original owner – but he lost it in a card game to Cole’s uncle. Now he will stop at nothing to get it back.

Still, with the title in his hands, Cole and his family arrive at the ranch…and find a house that’s a broken down shack. The family refuses to get discouraged, however; instead, they talk about all of the wonderful things they will do with the place.

The next day, as Jim chops wood and builds fences, he learns for the first time that there is a giant grizzly bear named Satan that has been decimating livestock and terrorizing ranchers near and far.  

Soon enough, Satan arrives at the Cole’s ranch. He kills their prize bull, injures their dog, and causes their friend Sam’s mule to run away. When the mule reappears later, it dies from wounds inflicted by Satan.

After Jed Curry puts a $750 reward out for the grizzly’s murder, a bounty hunter named Cass Dowdy comes to town. Dowdy is an ex-con with a grudge against Cole, since he put him in jail years before. When Dowdy learns that Jim is broke and hunting the bear too, he is even more motivated to find and kill Satan.

With financial ruin lurking around the corner, treacherous people surrounding him, and his family buckling under the strain, Big Jim Cole knows what he must do: find Satan, and destroy him…before Satan comes for him!