Clint Eastwood stars in this wild Western! A mysterious gunman could be the savior people in a corrupt mining town have been looking for. Or, he might be their worst nightmare…


High Plains Drifter (1973)

Clint Eastwood, Verna Bloom, and Marianna Hill star in this iconic Western that’s loaded with fists thrown, bullets flying, and a sinister mystery.

A peculiar stranger arrives in a small mining town called Lago. The people who live there have seen their fair share of trouble, and they aren’t sure if they should trust this man, who claims he only plans to stay for a night.

But after three gunmen try to kill The Stranger—and all three fail—the townspeople think he may be the answer to their prayers. There are three more outlaws who are about to be released from jail, and they could be headed back to Lago to seek revenge.

So, the townspeople band together and hire The Stranger to protect them. They tell him he can have anything he wants, and he replies: “Anything?” Then, he proceeds to take anything and everything he wants from the General Store, the tannery and the Saloon, passing out lots of drinks, blankets to needy families, and saddles to the crowds following him. He even makes a downtrodden dwarf named Mordecai his deputy—as well as the new mayor!

Soon, the townspeople fear that hiring The Stranger was a terrible mistake, However, they are too afraid to get rid of him. While they argue amongst themselves, The Stranger starts training men how to shoot and gives them chores to prepare for the outlaws that are headed their way.

However, it’s not just fear of The Stranger that bothers the townspeople. Together, they carry secrets about their corrupt, Wild West mining town—and a murder they were willing to ignore.

Now, they wonder: should they be more afraid of the outlaws—or The Stranger that they hired to protect them?