Best Clint Eastwood Westerns—Ranked! Pale Rider…The Outlaw Josey Wales…

Count on Clint: Ranking 10 Clint Eastwood Westerns

In all the galaxies … and planets … and pool halls, there’s no one else quite like Clint Eastwood. He’s part movie star and part mythological figure, effortlessly rewriting rules for what an actor can be. Keeping crowds glued to the screen with his blend of rugged charm and “don’t-bark-up-my-tree” energy for decades, Clint’s cinematic legacy stands alone in the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

But which roles transformed him into the iconic figure we know today? To answer that, we’ve delved into Clint Eastwood’s filmography, selecting 10 of his most pivotal Westerns and ranking them by the impact they’ve had on his enduring legacy.