Destry Rides Again

James Stewart

Pacifist Tom Destry, Jr. hopes to restore peace to a Wild West town run by a crooked gang leader and his saloon singer girlfriend. Destry suspects that the gang murdered the old Sheriff—and he’ll stop at nothing to see justice served.

Destry Rides Again

James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich star in this classic Western that features a murderous gang leader, a dance hall queen, and the mild mannered son of a legendary lawman determined to restore peace and order to a town in the Wild West.

When Sheriff Keogh starts asking too many questions about a rigged card game that gave crooked gang leader Kent and his girlfriend, Frenchy, power over the local cattle ranchers, Kent kills him. Next, Kent names the town drunk, Wash Dimsdale, the new sheriff.

Kent never figured that Dimsdale would swear off booze or that he would call on Tom Destry, Jr.—son of legendary lawman Tom Destry—to help make Bottleneck safe and respectable again.

Young Destry isn’t like most lawmen. In fact, he refuses to wear his gun or use brute force to settle scores. Instead, he treats everyone with respect—including Kent and saloon singer Frenchy.

The townspeople—and Dimsdale—are disappointed by Destry’s nonviolent approach to confrontation. But he soon earns their respect when he proves to be a crack shot and a leader who will not allow outlaws to run roughshod over Bottleneck.

Before long, Destry realizes that Kent and his gang probably murdered Sheriff Keogh. He can’t prove a thing, but he does manage to trick Frenchy into admitting it. For her part, Frenchy can’t believe that Tom is indifferent to her many charms, and she vows to make him pay.

Destry is more determined than ever to solve Keogh’s murder and bring Kent and his gang to justice. Now, this legendary lawman-in-the-making might have to reach for his gun belt once more—especially since he knows what happens to lawmen that ask too many questions!