The Cowboy Way’s Booger Brown Chosen for “Road to the Horse”

Congratulations to The Cowboy Way’s Booger Brown!
“Wild Card” Competitor at “Road to the Horse” in Kentucky, March 2019

You’ve seen him herd and rope cattle. You’ve seen him train unruly horses and inspire riders of all ages, especially young Matthew. You’ve even seen him play polo! Now, the cowboy with the big heart and a sixth sense when it comes to speaking “horse,” takes on one of the toughest challenges in the equestrian world—the “Road to the Horse” competition.

The elite selection committee chose Booger to be one of only three “Wild Card” competitors in this prestigious event, where he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his unique horsemanship skills, and vie for a spot at the 2020 championship.

Over the course of three days, Booger will train a colt (courtesy of 6666 Ranch) that he’s never seen before. Now, not only has Booger never seen the horse, but the colt has never been touched, is completely untrained and unsocialized, and is most likely quite wary of the human in the cowboy hat! Booger’s task will be to gain this young colt’s trust and develop its confidence to the point where the horse will become used to human contact and will acknowledge Booger as the leader in this unique relationship of two independent-minded beings. The ultimate goal is to build enough trust that Booger can introduce the saddle and bridle, and finally, mount up and ride! Not an easy task, which is why only the best of the best make it to “Road to the Horse.” As a fourth-generation cowboy, a prominent horse trainer and clinician, Booger has demonstrated that he has earned his place in the spotlight.

The three “Wild Card” competitors are some of the finest horsemen in the country and this is their opportunity to share their skills on a world-renowned stage. They will share the arena with two former World Champions, Vicki Wilson and Nick Dowers who will go in head-to-head competition in the main event for the 2019 World Champion “Road to the Horse” title.

So big congratulations to The Cowboy Way’s Booger Brown! We’ll be cheering for him at “Road to the Horse!”

Want to watch Booger in action? “Road to the Horse” takes place March 22 – 24 in Lexington, Kentucky. For information about the event and tickets, click here.

Watch Booger as he tries to tame the wildest horse in the county.