While at sea, good-hearted drifter, Rafe Covington, promises a dying shipmate he would look after his wife, Ann, on their Wyoming homestead. When he arrives at the widow’s ranch, he finds a ruthless businessman wants her hand in marriage—but only to steal her land.


Crossfire Trail

Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Mark Harmon, Wilford Brimley, and INSP’s own Christmas in the Smokies star, Barry Corbin!

Based on the book by Louis L’Amour. Good-hearted cowboy drifter, Rafe Covington and his friend Charles Rodney are sailing to San Francisco when Charles gets into a brutal fight with the ship’s captain. Charles suffers a fatal blow, and sensing he is near death, he begs Rafe to look after his wife, Ann, on his Wyoming ranch.

A man of honor, Rafe agrees, and after fighting the captain to avenge his friend’s death, Rafe, heads out to fulfill his vow, taking along his good pals JT, a naïve young man and Rock Mullaney, a tough Irishman. Rafe and his buddies become friends with crotchety old Joe Gill, and soon, he learns he’ll need all the help he can from these men. When he arrives at his deceased friend’s ranch, Rafe discovers all is not well in Wyoming.

Ann is a lovely schoolmarm, and somewhat independent. When Rafe tells her of his pledge, and offers to take care of the ranch and her, she’s understandably suspicious. She’s not the only one leery of Rafe. Wealthy bar owner, Bruce Barkow, runs the town with an iron fist, and knowing Ann is unable to pay her mortgage, he’s been pressuring her to marry him. But love is the last thing on his mind or in his sinister heart. He may have an appreciation for her beauty, but it’s her land he’s got his eye on.

Rafe is determined to keep Ann safe, but she’s leaning on Bruce for support more and more. Rafe must find a way to gain her trust, because, Bruce, with his posse of despicable men will do anything, even kill, to keep Rafe from making good on his pledge.