Starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Rene Zellweger, and Jeremy Irons! Lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are hired to bring a ruthless rancher to justice. But a pretty widow could ruin everything…



Starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Renee Zellweger, and Jeremy Irons! Love, loyalty, and betrayal are on a collision course in this beautifully shot, action-packed Western – directed by Ed Harris.

In 1882 in the New Mexico territory, two lawmen fight to keep the peace in a lawless frontier. City Marshal Virgil Cole and Deputy Everett Hitch are known around these parts for being relentless and ruthless in the cause of peace.

When the small mining town of Appaloosa is overrun by brutal rancher Randall Bragg and his gang of thugs, the city marshal is murdered in cold blood. Virgil and Cole are then hired by the town to restore peace and bring the guilty parties to justice.


Of course, cleaning up the town is not easy when it’s in the grip of a murderer. But eventually, the lawmen restore peace and Bragg’s days as a cruel troublemaker seem numbered.

But then, trouble finds them in a most unlikely place…

Allie French, a young widow, comes to town. She is pretty, refined, and engaging – and definitely makes an impact on every man she meets. Surprisingly, Virgil appears to fall hardest of them all.

Everett is amazed that his friend and partner of so many years – a man who believes that feelings will kill you and has never expressed any desire for female companionship before – is smitten. So much so that he starts talking about marriage and starts building the widow a house at the end of Appaloosa’s main street!

For his part, Everett sees Allie with a clarity that Virgil lacks. But that doesn’t mean that Virgil’s deputy and old friend is immune to the magnetic pull of Allie’s charms…

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing as Bragg sees an opportunity to destroy the pair and reestablish his own ruthless brand of order in Appaloosa.

Success is almost in their grasp, but jealousy and betrayal could undo everything. Will they maintain the peace…or allow their feelings to cause their demise?