Three outlaws, fleeing from a posse in the desert, discover a dying woman, who begs them to honor her last wish—to get her newborn to safety.


3 Godfathers

Directed by the legendary John Ford and starring John Wayne in one of his most moving performances!

Outlaw Robert Hightower and his band of cattle rustlers Pedro “Pete” Roca Fuerte and William Kearney have just robbed an Arizona bank. In hot pursuit of the bandits are Sheriff Buck Sweet and his posse. When Kearney is wounded, Hightower and his gang flee into the desert. They’re low on water and along the way, they lose their horses in a sandstorm, so now, they trudge along on foot hoping to stay alive, and one step ahead of the sheriff.

As they search for water in the blistering heat, they come across a watering hole that’s been drained, but nearby is a covered wagon. Inside, they discover not the supplies they desperately need, but a woman, near death, and about to give birth. She has a baby boy, whom she names Robert William Pedro, as a tribute to his newly deemed “godfathers.” Now these tough men, who’ve made all the worst choices in life, must make a decision that could possibly change their lives—for better or worse.

Though they’re in an impossible situation, already debilitated, running from the law, they find it in their hearts to honor the mother’s last wish, to get her baby to safety in the town of New Jerusalem, even at the risk of their own lives.

With sweeping scenery and gripping emotion, 3 Godfathers is a classic story of determination and redemption, faith and forgiveness.