Episode 7

Ceramic Tableware, Wavy Tables, Steam Punk Lamps


Katherine HacklKatherine Hackl, Ceramic Tableware (website)

Lambertville, NJ

Katherine Hackl opened her ceramic studio in 1994, two years after receiving a degree in history from the University of Chicago. She specializes in custom, handmade decorative tile work, using traditional techniques. Hackl’s pottery is a collection of hand-thrown, functional stoneware and porcelain decorated with a hand-carved, classical sgraffito technique. Each piece is an elegant, one-of-a-kind creation featuring layered images, patterns and illustrations.

Even her Swan Street Studio embodies tradition. Located in the charming river town of Lambertville, New Jersey, Hackl creates her stunning work in an historic brick carriage house.



Martin AntaramianMartin Antaramian, Waltz Tables (website)

Kenosha, WI

Martin Antaramian has been wood carving for less than five years, yet every piece of furniture and sculpture he produces bears the craftsmanship of a master. A 2011 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a Bachelor of Arts in sculpture and furniture design, Antaramian’s work has received numerous awards, including the October 2014 Best in Show for New Product Debut – Innovative Design at The Fine Furnishings Show in Milwaukee, WI, where the judges remarked, “Martin Antaramian’s design was unique, beautiful & functional and each piece was both delicate & substantial.” And in July 2014 his work was chosen Best in Category for 3D functional at the 2014 North Shore Festival of Art in Skokie, IL., among many other prestigious awards. Each of Antaramian’s designs is a work of art, yet is also functional. Some of his most intricate and engaging work is his Waltz series, tables that capture the waves and swirls of a dress mid-twirl. With each piece, he challenges our perception of reality. In the Artist’s Statement on his website, he writes, “What makes something real? This question is what drives my artwork.”

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Shawn CarlingShawn Carling, Steampunk Lamps (website)

Machine Age Lamps, Farmington, MN

A few years ago, wanting to give his father a Christmas gift reminiscent of his life on the family farm, Shawn Carling found some old tractor parts, and built a unique lamp. His father was thrilled with the gift, as were others who saw it. That one labor of love changed Carling’s life forever.

His passion for creating, coupled with demand for his lamps led Carling to leave his 25-year corporate management career. Soon, he was filling orders for steampunk lighting features that are one-of-a-kind works of art, made from salvaged early American factory parts, including original steam gauges, gears and industrial artifacts, making each stunning piece come alive with its own vibrant history. No two lamps are the same. Each lamp is handcrafted, signed and numbered. No two are the same. Today, his work is displayed in homes, restaurants, bars and corporations from Las Vegas to Hong Kong to Tasmania. His awards include, Best in Show, Minneapolis Home and Garden show; Best in Show, Wisconsin State Fair; Top Artist, Edina Art Fair, among others.

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