Episode 3

Glasses, Bicycles and Books


Marcia WileyMarcia Wiley, Glass Blowing (website)

Wiley Wares, Seattle, WA

Marcia Wiley believes every day can be lived with style and simple abundance, and relishes those daily sparks of inspiration, those “A-ha!” moments. This is the spirit she brings to her colorful, eye-catching drinking glasses. She hopes all who enjoy her glassware also experience these special moments.

Based in Seattle, she gets inspiration from the changing light on the city, water and mountains to mix her unique blend of colors within her glasses. She sees the extraordinary in the ordinary, so that a hand-blown glass can be a work of art, and be put to work—serving juice to a child and later a drink to an adult. Each glass is made one at a time, using classic glassblowing tools and techniques.

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Rody WalterRody Walter, Custom Bicycles (website)

Groovy Cycleworks, Wooster, OH

When Rody Walter and wife, Christi, decided the tandem bike they rode did not meet their needs, they didn’t go out shopping for a new frame. Rody designed one, and his expectations were high. It had to ride well on rough and smooth surfaces; it had to be nimble, yet tough and fully suspended. His fantasy bike was a 1990s technological and design challenge, and little did he know it would lead to his life’s passion.

Groovy Cycleworks specializes in creating truly made-to-order, hand-crafted bikes that meet riders’ every need—from design to anatomical requirements to material types to a reflection of some rather unique personalities.

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Gray ZeitzGray Zeitz, Printing Press (website)

Larkspur Press, Monterey, KY

Gray Zeitz is the founder and operator of Larkspur Press, where he prints books the traditional way, on a 100-year-old press, one letter at a time!

The process demands great patience, labor, delicacy and dedication, and his efforts do not go unnoticed, as Larkspur Press is highly-regarded as one of the finest printers in the region and the country. Zeitz gets involved in every step of the printing process—from hand-setting type to hand-stitching books.

In addition to preserving and promoting the art of letterpress printing, Zeitz is the founding member of the Monterey Volunteer Fire Department, and served on the squad as a fireman for 23 years, as well as, ten years as clerk of the city of Monterey, Kentucky.