Things You Might Not Know About…Jaclyn Brown

We know she’s been a pharmacist for more than ten years, is a mother to young Matthew and she never dreamed she’d fall head-over-heels for a cowboy, but there’s a whole lot more to The Cowboy Way’s Jaclyn Brown.

Now the woman who finally got Booger to give up the bachelor life shares a few fun facts about herself.

  1. Yellow is my favorite color, however, Matthew tells me it should be pink.
  2. Originally, I was planning on going to dental school, but decided on pharmacy school last minute.
  3. I am very low maintenance. I have probably only had 4 manicures in my life, and I always forget to schedule hair appointments until it is almost an emergency.
  4. I love old country music. It reminds me of my childhood. So, naturally, when I met Booger, I thought he’d be impressed. Turns out, he can’t stand my Pandora stations. He loves way older country music and the newest. Somehow, he skipped over the years that I love.
  5. I am so uninterested in vehicles that I would rather get a root canal than car shop. Unless Booger surprises me with a vehicle, I will probably drive my car until it falls apart.
  6. In middle school, I was in band, track and cheerleading. I was a cheerleader in high school.
  7. When traveling, I always make sure to eat at local, independent restaurants. I always avoid chain restaurants because I love trying new foods.
  8. I am the only person I know who doesn’t like bacon or spaghetti.
  9. My #1 goal in life was to be a mother, and I’ve always wanted at least 3 children.
  10. I have a very fascinating talent. I can write and draw in a mirror image with no effort. When I do this, all of my letters are reversed and the writing can only be read with a mirror. I write normally with my right hand. I can only write backwards with my left hand. I am not dyslexic and I have never met anyone else who can do this. I read that this is how Leonardo da Vinci wrote.
  11. I am very organized, and I love to clean.
  12. Scalloping is my favorite thing to do during the summertime.
  13. I’m borderline obsessed with baby names. The moment I find out someone is expecting, I immediately want to know the name. Ironically, I did not name my son. I let his dad pick his name. I had 2 pages of baby names and Matthew was not on my list. I do love his name, though.
  14. I get very excited about every holiday and I look forward to enjoying each one with Matthew. He always has Valentine’s shirts, and we color Easter eggs for days.
  15. I look just like my dad. We have very similar habits and interests too. I lost him when I was 19 but I still feel like he is with me.