INSP Viewers’ Wall of Honorees

Thank You for Your Service

At INSP, we honor all those who served our nation. Today, we pay tribute to these veterans whose names INSP viewers submitted during our Gunsmoke Veterans Day Marathon. If you submitted a former service member’s name during our Veterans Day tribute, whether or not their name appeared on-air, you’ll find your honoree here. 

We received well over 500 entries. Because of space considerations, we were not able to include your comments.

Veterans are listed in alphabetical order by the first name of the person who submitted them.


Ada MacHart honors…
Marvin MacHart of El Campo, TX
Service Years: 1956-1957; U.S. Navy
Allan Kroepfl honors…
Arthur Kroepfl of Chicago, IL
Service Years: 1941-1954
Amanda Brandolino honors…
U.S. Army MSG Leonard Courture, Sr of Burlington, VT
Amberlee Gordon honors…
Patricia Gordon of Roy, UT
Service Years: 1976-1994; U.S. Air Force
Angel Lutz honors…
Dennis Hansen of Kewanee, Il
Service Years: 1971-1973; U.S. Army
Angel George honors…
Phillip George of Rock Hill, SC
Service Years: 1960-1981; U.S. Navy
Ann Johnson honors…
Donald Johnson of Universal City, TX
Service Years: 1968-1975; U.S. Army
Ann Keeler honors…
Ron Keeler of Sevieerville, TN
Service Years: 1966-1970; U.S. Navy
Anna Curts honors…
U.S. Army SPC Joseph Curts of Corydon, IN
Service Years: 1963-1966
Anne Shea honors…
Frank Shea of Hubbardston, MA
Service Years: 1959 – 1963, 1976-1978, 1980-1987;
US Army SGT, US Army National Guard, US Coast Guard
Antonia Stanley honors…
Michael Grimm of San Diego, CA
Service Years: 1970 – 1975; U.S. Navy & U.S. Air Force
Arleda Fraley honors…
Charles Fraley of Point Pleasant, WV
Service Years: 1952 – 1972; U.S. Navy
Arlene Dorn honors…
George Krajnovich of Bellwood, IL
Service Years: 1941-1945; U.S. Army Tank Divison
Arlene Jezykowski honors…
Frank Jezykowski of Maspeth, NY
Service Years: 1967-1971; U.S. Army
Audrey Bjelland honors…
US Army SSG William Boger of Garrison, ND
Service Years: 1942 – 1944
Ava Godfrey honors…
Jimmy Godfrey of Victoria, TX
Service Years: 1963-1984; U.S. Navy


Barbara Jones honors…
Charles Jones of Arcola, IL
Service Years: 1955-1958; U.S. Air Force
Barbara Loe honors…
Joe Loe of Fort Worth, TX
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S. Navy
Barbara Peavy honors…
Charlene Guilbeau of Livingston, LA
Service Years: 1991 – 1997; U.S. Air Force
Barbara Reames honors…
John A. Reames of Orme, TN
Service Years: 1966-1967
Barbara Jett honors…
Berlin Allen of Mt. Jacson, VA
Service Years: 1941-1950; USMC
Barbara Schnoor honors…
William Joseph Angyelof of Edgewater, MD, US Marine Corp
Service Years: 2008 – 2015
Barbara Stafford honors…
Dean Stafford of Riverside, CA, US Army Air Corps & US Air Force
Service Years: 1941 – 1945
Ben Phillips honors…
Donnie Phillips of Greensboro, NC
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S Army
Bernice Vargas honors…
Army SPC Lou Vargas of Crest Hill, IL
Service Years: 1966-1968
Beth Erlandson honors…
Buck Stienke of Texas
Service Years: 1966-1979; U.S. Air Force
Bettyann Ostertag honors…
Edward Ostertag of Stillwater, MN
Service Years: 1964-1999; U.S. Air Force
Betty Wassmer honors…
U.S. Army CPL Jim Atkins of Loveland, CO
Service Years: 1967-1969
Betty Wejrowski honors…
Nile Lorenz of Scranton, PA
Service Years: 1956-1961; US. Navy
Bill Mitchell honors…
U.S. Army SP4 Don White of Morrilton, AR
Service Years: 1969-1970
Billy Goode honors…
US Army SSG Teri Goode of Pueblo West, CO
Service Years: 2003 – 2013
Billy Wilson honors…
Katherines E. Wilson of Wheatland, WY
Service Years: 1977-1981; U.S. Air Force
Bob Costilow honors…
Air Force SrA Tim Beck of Akron, OH
Service Years: 1976 -1985
Bobbie Lorditch honors…
Robert Lorditch of Johnstown, PA; U.S. Army
Service Years: 1967-1969
Bonnie Kaltenbach honors…
Army SPC James Joerger of Hamlin, NY
Service Years: 1970-1971
Brenda Bearden honors…
John Bearden of Georgia
Service Years: 1968-1970; U.S. Army
Brenda Duncan honors…
George Barker of Hawesville, KY
Service Years: 1943-1945; U.S. Army
Brenda Martin honors…
Chevis Martin of Martinsville, VA
Service Years: 1979-1983; U.S. Army
Brenda Petite honors…
Timothy Petite of Fayetteville, NC
Service Years: 1984-2004; U.S. Navy
Brenda Rodgers honors…
Ronald Rodgers of Ohio
Service Years: 1969-1972; U.S. Army
Bret Olson honors…
Lewis Olson of Tulare, Ca
Service Years: 1972-1976; U.S. Army
Brian Gober honors…
US Navy CPO Kenneth Gober of Texas
Service Years: 1947 – 1967
Bryan Taylor honors…
Regina Taylor of Milford, OH
Service Years: 2005-2006; USMC
Buffy Laws honors…
MSgt Scott Laws of Boiling Springs, SC
Service Years: 1985-2006
Butch Ehrke honors…
Tom Rettenbacher of Elk Grove Village, IL
Service Years: 1943 – 1944; U.S. Army


Cam Nowik honors…
Tony Hernandez of Chicago, IL
U.S. Army
E. Tom “Marty” Martinez of Inverness, IL
U.S. Army
Camille Nowik honors…
James Stanley Nowik of Chicago, IL
U.S. Army
Camron Faulkner honors…
Michael Faulkner of Memphis, TN
Service Years: 1978-1983; U.S. Army
Carla Flippo honors…
David Patrick of Rockmart, GA
Service Years: 1988-1998; U.S. Air Force
Carol Brennan honors…
U.S. Army SPC Sean Brennan of Swarthmore, PA
Service Years: 2008-2015
Carol Lavender Moore honors…
Henry Moore of Bloomington, IN
Service Years: 1944-1946; U.S. Navy
Carol Ownby honors…
Alfred Eugene Ownby of Cumberland, VA
Service Years: 1942-1945; U.S. Navy
Carolyn Giorgio honors…
Robert S. Springer of Chicago, IL
U.S. Army
Carolyn Pickering honors…
Walter Pickering of Tennessee
Service Years: 1956-1962; U.S. Army
Carrie Papa honors…
William Papa of Riverside, RI
Service Years: 1964-1986; U.S. Air Force
Cathey Pirolozzi honors…
Douglas Pirolozzi of Canton, OH
Service Years: 1976-1980; U.S. Navy
Catherine Kahle honors…
Army SGT Sigmund Nowicki of Trenton, NJ
Service Years: 1948-1952
Cathleen Molinari honors…
Darrell Molinari of Charleroi, PA
Service Years: 1968-1972; U.S. Navy
Charlene Heck honors…
Carl Nicolson of California, US Army
Service Years: 1950 – 1955
Cheri Stone honors…
USAF Richard Stone of Warwick, MA
Service Years: 1948-1976
Cheryl Cotton honors…
Chip Cotton of Lexington, TX
Service Years: 1967-1970; U.S. Navy
Chuck Langston honors…
SPC Charles Langston of Moncks Corner, SC
Service Years: 1972 – 1978
Dave Arnold of Campbellsport, WI; U.S. Navy
Service Years: 1969-1973
Cindy Garrett honors…
SPC George Saulsgiver of Pennsylvania
Service Years: 1965-1969
Cindy Major honors…
USMC Steve Major of Rouses Point, NY
Service Years: 1963-1967
Cindy Melser honors…
Roger Melser of Baxter, MN
Service Years: 1968-1970; U.S. Navy
Cindy Simmons honors…
George Nelms of Danielsville, GA
Service Years: 1942-1945; U.S. Navy
Claudette Ludwig honors…
US Marine LCpl Kristopher Ludwig of Knox, IN
Service Years: 1991 – 1998
Claudia Gray honors…
Nathan Gray of Stanley, VA
Service Years: 1985-1991; U.S. Navy
Clay Lowrey honors…
Harold Lowrey of Cottonwood, CA
Service Years: 1953-1981; U.S. Navy
Clifford See honors…
US Army SPC Clifford See of Colorado Springs, CO
Service Years: 1980 – 2006
Connie Fisher honors…
Tommy Lyles of Macon, GA
Service Years: WWII, U.S. Navy
Connie Shons honors…
Army PVT Kenneth Shons of Freeport, IL
Service Years: 1951-1953
James Brown of Bronson, FL
Service Years: Vietnam; U.S. Army
Cynthia Mitchell honors…
SGT Robert H. Mitchell Sr. of Mitchellsburg, KY
Service Years: 1942-1946



Dana Tuckness honors…
SSgt Earl Tuckness of Caldwell Idaho
Service Years: 1950-1953
Danielle Randolph honors…
Elroy Randolph of Appomattox, VA; Army
Service Years: 1986-1991
Daniel Tiepelman honors…
Roy Fleming of Livingston, IL
Service Years: 1965-1968; USMC
Danny Blevins honors…
USAF Lt Col Harry Stewart of Bloomfield Hills, MI
Service Years: WWII
Danny Fraley of Clay City, KY
U.S. Army
Dannie Nealey honors…
John G Nealy of Tabor City, NC
Service Years: 1941-1945; U.S. Army
Darlene Noble honors…
George Noble of Sligo, PA
Service Years: 1954-1976; U.S. Air Force
Darlene Shipley honors…
US Army SSG Thomas Shipley of Olathe
Service Years: 1957 – 1979
Darrell Adams honors…
SPC Loyd Travis Adams of Columbia, KY
Service Years: 1955-1957
Dave Lenig honors…
Roxanne Lenig of Etters, PA
U.S. Air Force
David Aycock honors…
US Army Air Corps TSgt Gene Dallas of Myrtle Beach, SC
Service Years: 1941 – 1945
David Givens honors…
U.S. Army SGT Frank Givens of Paris, IL
Service Years: 1951-1955
David Kline honors…
Air Force Col Timothy Kline of Lake Worth, FL
Service Years: 1960-1998
David Ludlow honors…
William Slaughter of Battle Creek, MI
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S. Army
David Schott honors…
Roy Schott of London, KY
Service Years: 1950-1951
Dawn La Mee honors…
U.S. Army SGT Keith La Mee, Jr. of Colorado Springs, CO
Service Years: 1977-1985
Deanna Anthony honors…
David Anthony of Oklahoma
Service Years: 1966 – 1970; U.S. Navy
Debbie Davis honors…
US Air Force MSgt David K. Davis of Bardstown, KY
Service Years: 1974 – 1994
Debbie Dunnegan honors…
US Air Force SSgt Richard Dunnegan of Winston-Salem, NC
Service Years: 1967 – 1971
Debbie Osborn honors…
Curtis Osborn of Bluefield, WV,
Service Years: 1958 – 1961; U.S. Army Air Corps
Deborah Williams honors…
Eddie Williams of Castor, LA
Service Years: 1961-1965; U.S. Navy
Debra Brown honors…
USMC Cpl Kenneth Brown of Blue Eye, MO
Service Years: 1969-1973
Debra Galloway honors…
Air Force Lt Col Linda Erfourth of Ovid, MI
Service Years: 1977-2005
Debra Gwinn honors…
US Navy Hospital Corpsman PO2 Debra Gwinn of Lemoore, CA
Service Years: 1978 – 1987
Sean Heng of Visalia, CA & Marshtown, IA
Served 6 years: U.S. Navy (Nuclear Technician)
US Navy RMC Martin Gwinn of Greenwood, SC & Orange Park, FL
Served 20 years
US Army SPC C.M. (Rusty) Gwinn of Lemoore, CA
Served 8 years
US Navy HMC Rebecca L. Ruggles-Santiago of Kansas & Little Rock, AR
Served 20 years
US Navy CWO3 Everette Gwinn of Greenwood, SC
Service Years: 1968 – 1970
Debra Montgomery honors…
Linley Montgomery of Trenton, SC
Service Years: 1966-1969; U.S. Army
Debra Smiddy honors…
Millard Smiddy of Middlesboro, KY
Service Years: 1966-1969; U.S. Army
Debra Smith honors…
Albert Martin of Preque Isle, ME
Service Years: 1954-1957
Deidra Wall honors…
Navy PO3 John Wall of Hugo, OK
Service Years: 1941-1945
Delores Connor honors…
Raymon Conner of Issaquah, WA
Service Years: 1966-1969; U.S. Army
Denise Deuel honors…
U.S. Army SSG Daniel Deuel of McDonough, NY
Service Years: 1972-1982
Denise West honors…
Byford Nelson of Michigan City, IN
Service Years: 1943-1945; U.S. Army
Dennis Hudson honors…
U. S Army SSG Truman Hudson of St. Louis, MO
Service Years: 1942-1945
U.S. Army SSG Thomas Shockley of Sparta, TN
Service Years: 1949-1954
Dennis Smith honors…
Air Corps Lt Bob Dolan of Cincinnati, OH
Service Years: 1942 – 1945
Derek Thomsen honors…
Arlen Thomsen
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S. Navy
Dessa Smith honors…
Curt Underwood of Lepanto, AR
Service Years: 1950 – 1953
Diane Bennett honors…
Jason Bennett of Plymouth, NC
Service Years: 2013-2017; USMC
Diane Gammons honors…
U.S. Army PFC James Allen of Huntsville, TX
Service Years: 1939-1945
Diana Hubbard honors…
James Hubbard of Mackinleyville, CA
Service Years: 1971-1975; U.S. Air Force
Diane Putnam honors…
Fernand Poisson of Lewiston, ME
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Diana Smith honors…
USMC Jimmy Smith of Carlisle, OH
Service Years: 1954-1976
Diane Thompson honors…
U.S. National Guard Sgt Henry Thompson of Jonesboro, AR
Service Years: 2011-2012
Djuana Johnson honors…
Army SSG Milton Johnson of Athens, GA
Service Years: 1977-1985
Dolly Douzart honors…
Irvin Douzart of Boyce, LA
Service Years: 1966-1972 & 1983-1991; U.S. Navy & U.S. Army
Donetta Horn honors…
Thomas Watson of Cobhill, KY
U.S. Army
Dallas Patton of Winchester, VA
U.S. Air Force
Doreen Cummings honors…
Timmy Stewart of Apple Valley, CA
Service Years: 1950-1960; U.S. Army
Dory Frownfelter honors…
U.S. Army Medic John Frownfelter of Blain, PA
Service Years: 1950-1953


Earnestine Jackson honors…
Ben Jackson of Silsbee, TX
Service Years: 1965-1968
Edna Mahne honors…
David WhitehoU.S.e of Counce, TN
Service Years: 1979-1987; U.S. Navy
Edward Guthrie honors…
USMC PFC Archie Guthrie of Connecticut
Service Years: 1965-1967
Elizabeth Steckling honors…
Bennie Phillips of Malvern, AR
Service Years: 1949 – 1952; U.S. Air Force
ElkeAi Merrell-Griffith honors…
US Air Force MSgt Carl Griffith of Twin Falls, ID
Service Years: 1954 – 1974
Erica Scott honors…
U.S. Army SPC Daniel Scott of Great Bend, KS
Service Years: 2004-2014
Ernie Moosios honors…
Army SGT David Moosios of Madera, CA
Service Years: 1950-1952
Esther Nesselroad honors…
PO3 Lloyd Nesselroad of Waterford, OH
Service Years: 1962-1964
Ethel Himes honors…
Artis Himes of Tulsa, OK
Service Years: 1965 – 1969; U.S. Air Force
Eugene Martin honors…
Army MSG Eugene Martin of DBary, FL
Service Years: 1971-1995
Master Sergeant Michelle Martin of Cheyenne, WY
Service Years: 1992 – 2016
Evalyn Sibert honors…
US Army MSG Robert Sibert of Claysville, PA
Service Years: 1968 – 1991
Evelyn Green honors…
Eddie Green of Franklin, NC
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S. Army
Evelyn Keister honors…
Ronald Keister of Laurelton, NY
Service Years: 1962-1966; U.S. Air Force
Evelyn Royalty-Wagner honors…
U.S.MC GySgt Curtis Wagner of Wichita, KS
Service Years: 1952-1972


Faith Potts honors…
Eldon Potts of North Carolina
U.S. Army
Farris Outland honors…
Reginald Dukes of Chicago, IL
Service Years: 1965-1971; USMC
Fran Winkels honors…
Lawrence Winkels of Quinton, New Jersey
Service Years: 1967-1970
Frances Custer honors…
George Custer of West Virginia
Service Years: 1966-1967; USMC
Frances Hunt honors…
Roy Hunter of Gadsden, AL
Service Years: 1968-1970; U.S. Army
Frances Utt honors…
George Utt of Cana, VA
Service Years: 1955-1958; U.S. Army
Frank Martin honors…
Nimrod Martin of Chandler, IN
Service Years: 1941-1945



Gail Cantrell honors…
Raymond Cantrell of Villanow, GA
Service Years: 1961-2003; U.S. Army
Gail Keene honors…
Army SP4, 101st Airborne, 2/502 Richard N. Keene of Trenton, ME
Service Years: 1969 – 1971
Galen Haslid honors…
USMC Sgt Joey Carpentier of Circle, MT
Gary Steckling honors…
Carl Steckling of Milwaukee, WI
Service Years: 1950 – 1972; U.S. Air Force
Gayla Hall honors…
David Palmer of Cleveland, GA
Service Years: 1967-1970; U.S. Air Force
Gayle Hibbard honors…
SPC Randy Hibbard of Rome, GA
Service Years: 1999-2003
Georgia Landoll honors…
Mark Allison of Farmington, NM
Service Years: 1985-1991; U.S. Navy
George Warren honors…
US Army E-4 Chris Warren of Robertsdale, AL
Service Years: 2004 – 2008
George Worrell honors…
USMC GySgt George Worrell Jr of Bolivar, OH
Service Years: 1975-1997
Gerald Smith honors…
John C. Smith, Jr. of Ithaca, NY
Service Years: 1965 – 1967; U.S. Navy
Gerryann Appleton honors…
Wayne Appleton, Jr. of Buffalo, NY,
Service Years: 1970 – 1977; U.S. Army
Gilda Respler honors…
U.S. Air Force Radio Ham Operator Jerome Respler of Calicoon Center, NY
Service Years: 1956-1962
Ginger Teed honors…
CPL Bobby Mitchell of Carthage, MO
Service Years: 1951-1953
Ginny McEarchern honors…
Ron McEarchern Sr of Georgie
Service Years: 1966-1979; U.S. Navy
Glenda Blair honors…
James Shank of Mechanicsburg, PA
Service Years: 1939-1945; U.S. Army
Paul Fought of Mechanicsburg, PA
Service Years: 1968; U.S. Army
Nick DiSilva of Mechanicsburg, PA
Service Years: 2008-2012; U.S. Air Force
Gloria Jones honors…
Thomas Jones Sr of Owego, NY
Service Years: 1960-1963; U.S. Army
Roland Stuart of Corning, NY
Service Years: 1942- 1946; U.S. Army
Grace Wong honors…
US Army PFC Fred Wong of Los Angeles, CA
Gwen Carter honors…
Simon Bryant of Jasper, TX
U.S. Army
Clarence Adams of Jasper, TX
U.S. Army
Johnnie Smith of Jasper, TX
U.S. Army
Army SGT William Bryant, Sr. of Jasper, TX
Korean War
Johnny Bryant, of Jasper, TX, Army
Service Years: 1958-1962


Heather Cottrell honors…
US Army PFC Wayne N. Cottrell of Center, MS
Service Years: 1961 – 1963
Henry McCain honors…
Darla McCain of Los Lunas, NM
Service Years: 1979-1983; U.S. Army
Huanne Woodward honors…
U.S.MC SSgt Shawn Richmond of Richlands, NC
Service Years: 1995-2004


Irene Haskins-Barbour honors…
Joseph Haskins of Fort Smith, AR
Service Years: 1945-1965; U.S. Army


Jack Francisco honors…
USAF A1C Pamela Baker
Service Years: 1972-1974
Jacqueline Jones honors…
Army PFC Casey Jones III of Fontana, CA
Service Years: 1980-1981
Jacqueline Parks honors…
Jeremy Olson of Sierra Vista, AZ
Service Years: 2004-present; USMC
Jacquelyn Spencer honors…
US Army 1SG Theodore T. Spencer, Jr of Canton, PA
Service Years: 1951-1955,1955-1975
1SG Timothy Spencer of Canton, PA
Service Years: 1990-2013
Michael Spencer of Canton, PA
Service Years: 1980-1985; U.S. Air Force
Jan Baldridge honors…
Earnie Baldridge of Clearfield, KY
Service Years: 1958-1985; U.S. Army
Jane Richards honors…
US Navy PO1 Jane Richards of Massena, NY
Service Years: 1968 – 1988
Janet Ellis honors…
Vernon Ellis of Hermann, MO
Service Years 1964-1967; U.S. Army
Janet McGinnis honors…
SGT Riley McGinnis of Monticello, KY
Service Years: 1968-1971
Janet Pasquale honors…
Arthur Pasquale of Visalia, CA
Service Years: 1963-1984; USMC
Janice George honors…
Bill Latham of Magna, UT
Service Years: 1941-1945; U.S. Navy
Janice Rahier honors…
Sergeant Keith Crist of Pine River, MN
Service Years: 1938 – 1942
Janice Sullins-Brown honors…
U.S. Army SSG Charles Sullins of Abingdon, VA
Service Years: 1954-1962
Jeanine Parker honors…
Army PFC Boyd E. Parker of Boonville, MS
Service Years: 1971 – 1973
Jeanne Yates honors…
PFC Gary Yates of Crescent City, CA
Service Years: 1966-1968
Jeannette Oslejsek honors…
Gerald Godec of Cleveland, OH
Service Years: 1953-1974; USMC
Jeffery Fraysier honors…
Fred Fraysier of Fort Blackmore, VA
Service Years: 1943-1945
Jenny Barrows honors…
U.S.MC Cpl E. Rowley Williamson of Mills, PA
Service Years: 1943-1946
Jerry Dobbs honors…
Eric Haley of Chino, CA
Service Years: 1986-1988; U.S. Army
Jerry Harvey honors…
George Harvey of Fort Worth, TX
Service Years: 1943 – 1948; U.S. Army
Jesse Magee honors…
US Army E4 Jesse Magee of Long Beach, MS
Service Years: 1980 – 1985
Jessica Martin honors…
Army MSG Jack Martin of Rockland, MI
Service Years: 1943
Joan Boose honors…
1SG Webster Boose of Blackstone, VA
Service Years: 1959-1989
Joanne Cosentino honors…
U.S. Army SP4 John Cosentino of New York
Service Years: 1966-1969
Joanna Jordan honors…
PO2 Kenneth Jordan of Boydton, VA
Service Years: 1969-1973
Jodie Ruggles honors…
Lawrence Ruggles of Palmyra, OH, US Army
Service Years: 1970 – 1976
John Arnett honors…
Daniel Arnett of Laurelville, OH
Service Years: 1968-1969; U.S. Army
John Didlott honors…
George H. Didlott of Wilburton, OK
Service Years: 1952 – 1975; U.S. Army
John Gerino honors…
US Air Force Lt Col Elvia Gerino of Colonial Heights, VA
Service Years: 1942 – 1969
US Air Force Maj Robert John Tawny of Middleton, OH
Service Years: 1942 – 1962
John Pyles honors…
US Navy SN John Pyles
Service Years: 1970 – 1975
John Simmer honors…
U.S. Army SPC Stanley Simmer of Grand Haven, MI
Service Years: 1969-1971
John Tolar honors…
Herbert Tolar of Atlanta, GA
Service Years: 1941-1945; U.S. Navy
Joseph Botsch honors…
Cody Higgins of Virginia, USMC
Service Years: 2002 – 2005
Joseph Chamberlain honors…
Joseph G Chamberlain of Oxford, PA
Service Year: 1940; U.S. Army
Joseph Clements honors…
Clark Clements of Menlo, WA
Service Years: 1955-1959; U.S. Navy
Joseph Sutten honors…
Bert Sutten of Hamilton, OH
U.S. Navy
Joy Coykendall honors…
Sean Coykendall of Fredericksburg, VA
Service Years: 2001-2009; U.S. Army
Joyce Showvaker honors…
U.S. Army PVT Richard Shwovaker of Shippensburg, PA
Service Years: 1943-1945
Juanita Deal honors…
Dan Hembree of Mississippi
Service Years: 1988-1992; U.S. Navy
Juanita Richee-Banks honors…
SPC Kenneth Banks of Los Angeles, CA
Service Years: 1969-1970
Juanita Smith honors…
Harold Skip Weltzien of Kaneohe, HI
Service Years: 1963-1967; U.S. Navy
Judy Carpenter honors…
Scott Carpenter of Anderson, IN
Service YearsL 1990-1993; USMC
Judy Crain Thomas honors…
Darcy Crain of Valliant, OK
Service Years: 1980-1993; U.S. Army
Judy Goodson honors…
James Lester of Lake Worth, FL, US Navy
Service Years: 1965 – 1969
Judy Gott honors…
Victor Garner Jr. of, MD
Service Years: 1967-1969; U.S. Army
Judy Martin honors…
Raymond Connor of Evansville, IN
Service Years: 1942-1945; U.S. Army
Judy Moore honors…
Army SGT George Moore of Anderson, SC
Service Years: 1968-1969
Judy Neyland honors…
James K. Neyland of Gloster, MS
Service Years: 1942-1945; U.S. Army
Julia Ann Wilmoth honors…
Richard Warren Oathout of San Clemente, CA
U.S. Navy
Julie Brigham honors…
William Akers of East Tawas, MI
Service Years: 2001 – 2015; U.S. Navy
Julie Cook honors…
SGT William Cook of Marshalltown, IA
Service Years: 1965-1968
Julie Dalton honors…
US Navy PO3 Francis Gernandt of Fairibault, MN
Service Years: 1958 – 1962
Julie Smith honors…
James Johnson of Sterling, IL
Service Years: 1985-1987; U.S. Army
Judy Williams honors…
Jesse Williams of Albany, LA,
Service Years: 2015 – present; LA National Guard
Julio Ramirez honors…
US Army SPC Julio Ramirez of Houston, TX
Service Years: 1985 – 1989


Kathie Hahn honors…
James Allen Pennington of Central Islip, NY
Service Years: 2001-2004; U.S. Army
Robert Eckhoff of Valley Stream, NY
Service Years: 1949-1953; U.S. Navy
Anthony Signorelli of Bohemia, NY
U.S. Navy
Kathy Brown honors…
Joshua Isaacs of Purlear, NC
Service Years: 2011-2015; USMC
Kathy Fisher honors…
U.S. Army CPT James Rester of Poplarville, MS
Service Years: 1959-1970
Kathy Miller honors…
Jonathan Miller of Portsville, NY
Service Years: 2000-2011; U.S. Army
Kathy Richards honors…
Danny Richards of Portland, TN
Service Years: 1989-1997; U.S. Army
Kathy RU.S.k honors…
U.S. Army SFC Thomas RU.S.k of Hampshire, IL
Service Years: 1962-1965 & 1983-2004
Kathy Weng honors…
Calvin CroU.S.e of PawPaw, WV
Service Years: 1945-1947; U.S. Navy
Calvin Crouse Jr. of Shepherdstown,WV
Service Years: 1969-1970; U.S. Army
Kathy Wilson honors…
Billy R. Wilson of Wheatland, WY
Service Years: 1968-1996; U.S. Army National Guard
Keitha Ketchum honors…
Ivan Sams of Asheville, NC
Service Years: 1968-1972; U.S. Army
Kem Harris honors…
Jeff Harris of West Plains, MO
Service Years: 1986-1993; U.S. Navy
Kenneth Branham honors…
U.S. Army CPT Deenan Person of Savannah, GA
Service Years: 1999-2009
Kevin Stonesifer honors…
US Marine LCpl Bruce Stonesifer
Service Years: 1978 – 1980
Kris Keirn Blocksom honors…
Augustus Blocksom of Zanesville, OH
Service Years: 1951-1954; USMC


Larry Haus honors…
Gary Matuska of Gas City, KS
Billy Culver of Birmingham, AL
Service Years: 1976-1979, 1981-1982; U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. Navy
SrA Dale Payne of Fort Worth, TX
Service years: 1965-1969
Larry Perkins honors…
Dean Perkins of Sunnyvale, CA
Service Years: 1944-1968; U.S. Navy
Laura Miller honors…
Navy SN Jack Scott of Detroit, MI
Service Years: 1942-1945
Lavina Kollias honors…
Peter Counter of Detroit, MI
U.S. Army
U.S. Army CPL Robert Dzieglawski of Detroit, MI
Leandra Grimes honors…
Greg Myers of Louisville, KY
Service Years: 1992-present; U.S. Air Force
Linda Alvord honors…
Randy Alvord of Freeman, MO
Service Years: 1974-1980; U.S. Army
Linda Cathers honors…
CPL Lane Cathers of London, KY
Service Years: 1985 & 2005
Linda Fosdick honors…
Neil Seeman of Minot, ND
Service Years: 1968-1970; U.S. Navy
Linda Hettrick honors…
USMC GySgt George Beebe of Cheshire, CT
Service Years: 1973-2001
Linda Hughes honors…
U.S. Army SPC Jonah Hughes of Connellsville, PA
Service Years: 1964-1970
Linda Johnson honors…
U.S.MC Cpl Eugene S. Johnson, Jr. of Decatur, GA
Service Years: 1964-1968
Linda Kipp honors…
SSgt Rodger Daily of Enon Ohio
Service Years 1968-1972
Linda Marko honors…
Larry Marko of Colfax, WI
Service Years: 1968 – 1970; USMC
Linda Prevatt honors…
U.S. Army SPC Jackson Prevatt of Chiefland, FL
Service Years: 1959-1962
Linda Reardon honors…
USMC Cpl Martin J Reardon Sr of Middletown, CT
Service Years: 1970-1975
Linda Stepp honors…
Melvin Stepp of Oberlin, PA
Service Years: 1939-1945; U.S. Army
Linda Taylor honors…
Robert Taylor of Mt. Erie, IL
Service Years: 1965-1968; U.S. Army
Linda Thrasher honors…
Arnold Lamsa of Grand Blanc, MI
Service Years: 1945-1946; U.S. Navy
Linda Walker honors…
Everett G Rogers of Madison, IN
Service Years: Korean War, U.S. Army Special Service
Linda Whitaker honors…
Jerry Whitaker of Turrell, AR
Service Years: 1966-1988; U.S. Army
Lisa Kohlhass honors…
Walter Martin of Sugar Hill, GA
Service Years: 1950-1953; U.S. Army
Lisa Propst honors…
Joe Cooper of Morganton; NC
Lisa Robinson honors…
Barbara Smith of Tunkhannock, PA
Service Years: 1988-2013; U.S. Navy
Loretta Lane honors…
Joseph Lane of Urbana, IL
Service Years: 1950 – 1953: U.S. Navy
Loretta Martin honors…
Captain Laurence Herman of Milford, PA
Service Years: 1940-1990; U.S. Air Force
Lorraine Heydt honors…
Stanley Adam of Hamburg, PA
Service Years: 1942-1944; U.S. Army
Lynn Adams honors…
CPL Arvil Bowmer of Marion, OH
Service Years: 1952-1954
Lynn Ann Haslid honors…
Sgt Galen Haslid of Hebron, ND
Service Years: 1974-1978
Lynnette Neff honors…
Leroy George of Eaton, OH
Service Years: 1955-1976; U.S. Navy


Maggie Meyer honors…
Joshua Meyer of Fort Mill, SC
Service Years: 2004-2009
Maggi Mullennix honors…
U.S. Army CSM Robert Mullennix of Delmont, PA
Service Years: 1947-1985
Marcia Martin honors…
USAF SSgt Wrilon Martin of Seneca, SC
Service Years: 1965-1969
Margie Chandler honors…
U.S. Army SGT Douglas Chandler of Laurel, MS
Service Years: 2000-2011
Marie Berry honors…
Gene Minton of Marblehead, OH
Service Years: 2004-2008; U.S. Army
Marilyn Burgess honors…
Clay R. Bedell of Big Spring, TX
Service Years: 1940-1944; U.S. Army
Marilyn Cawthon honors…
Philip Cawthon
Service Years: 1965-1969; U.S. Navy
Marlene Westerberg honors…
Leo Westerberg of Brookings, OR
Service Years: 1964-1967; U.S. Army
Marilyn Loveland honors…
USAF SrA Robert Freeman of Tonica, IL
Service Years: 1963-1967
Marline Krug honors…
U.S. Army SPC Jeffrey Krug of Racine, WI
Service Years: 1967
Mark Gambill honors…
Bobby Gambill of Morehead, KY
Service Years: 1955-1959; U.S. Air Force
Marolyn Bowman honors…
U.S. Army SPC Ramie Bowman of Liberty City, TX
Service Years: 1965-1967
Margaret Heustess honors…
Charles Heustess, Buckeye, AZ
Service Years: 1978-2008
Marsha Anderson honors…
MSG Steven James Jr. of Tampa, FL
Service Years: 2002-Present
Marsha Mosley honors…
Michael Foster of Tucson, AZ
Service Years: 1991-1995; U.S. Navy
Mary Chambers honors…
Roland Chambers of Kegley, WV
U.S. Army
Mary Dawson honors…
US Army PFC Ronald Dawson of Deer Grove, IL
Service Years: 1967 – 1970
Mary Doughty honors…
U.S. Army SSG Warren Lee Scanlan of Exmore, VA
Service Years: 1968-1970
Mary Duran honors…
SPC Johnny Duran Pomona, CA
Service Years: 1974-1983
Mary Grubbs honors…
USAF Maj Calvin Vandiver of Shreveport, LA
Service Years: 1940-1950
Mary Harper honors…
SSgt Rodney Ott of Harpers Ferry, WV
Service Years: 1965-1968
Mary Hawk honors…
Melvin Fuoss of Scottdale, PA
Service Years: 1969-1979; U.S. Army
Mary Howard honors…
Freddie Howard of Columbus, OH
Service Years: 1974-1978; U.S. Air Force
Mary Lou Jones honors…
US Navy FFC1 J.C. Jones, Jr.
Service Years: 1940 – 1945
Mary Lou Montoya honors…
MSG Esquipula Gonzales of Albuquerque, NM
Service Years: 1968-1991
Alejo Gonzales of Albuquerque, NM
Service Years: 1967-1972
Mary Wilkerson honors…
Archie Wilkerson of Mississippi, US Army
Service Years: 1968 – 1970
Matthew Blankenship honors…
Frank Turner of North Carolina
U.S. Navy
Maxine Haywood honors…
Curtis Haywood of Wolfe City TX
Service Years: 1943-1945; U.S. Army
McCarty Dennis honors…
SSG Dennis Harlow of DeMotte, IN
Service Years: 1966-1972
Melissa Climer and Stephanie Weiss Hubert honor
StuartWeiss of Fort Knox, KY
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S. Army
Michael Bolger honors…
U.S. Army SGT William Bolger of Newark, NJ
Service Years: 1942-1945
Michael Clark honors…
Ray Ireland of Virginia
Service Years: 1983-2005; U.S. Army Reserves
Micahel Waack honors…
A. Wayne Kelly of Macomb, IL
Service Years: 1941-1945; U.S. Army
Mike Hoffman honors…
Duane Hunter of Goose Creek, SC
Service Years: 1984-2005; U.S. Navy
Myrle Mulcare honors…
Nakisha White of New York
Service Years: 200-2009; U.S. Army


Nancy Borden honors…
SPC Richard Borden of Victoria, TX
Service Years: 1970-1973
Nancy Eddy honors…
U.S. Army SGT Steven Eddy of Athens, TX
Service Years: 2001-2016
Nancy Lane honors…
U.S. Navy SCPO Denzil Lane of Nicut, WV
Service Years: 1960-1977
Nannette Copen honors…
William Callow of Spencer, WV
Service Years: 1961-1965; U.S. Army
SSG John Takach of Benwood, WV
Service Years: 1950-1954
SSgt Robert Brooks of Richmond, VA
Service Years: 1964-1968
Nellie Haffly honors…
MSgt Jim Haffly of Shreve, OH
Service Years: 1961-1981
Nellie Yotty honors…
Tom Yotty, Tacoma WA
Service Years: 1970-1972; U.S. Army
Nora Jones honors…
Joseph Jones of Sissonville, WV
Service Years: 1951-1959; U.S. Navy
Norma White honors…
U.S. Army SPC Robert White of Chattaroy, WV
Service Years: 1969-1973


Oleta Kemp honors…
Earl Kemp of Annapolis, MO
Service Years: 1952-1960; U.S. Navy
Olivia Barney honors…
U.S. Army SGT Donna Barney of Orbisonia, PA
Service Years: 1984-1994


Pam Ferrell honors…
Greg Ferrell of Goldsboro, NC
Service Years: 1993-2014; U.S. Air Force
Pam McMakin honors…
Robert Brown of Kalamazoo, MI
Service Years: 1942-1946; U.S. Navy
Pamela Paxton honors…
SSGT Timothy Paxton of Newton, NC
Service Years: 1973-1988
Pamela Smith honors…
US Navy CPO Wesley Smith of Westboro, MA
Service Years: 1946 – 1969
Pat Mullins honors…
Jethro Hampton, Jr. of Virgie, KY
Service Years: 1965-1967; U.S. Army
Pat Taylor honors…
Arvil Martin of Searcy, AR
Service Years: 1992-2013; USMC
Pat Webb honors…
Carl Webb of Valdese, NC; U.S. Navy
Service Years: 1963 -1965
Patricia Hales honors…
Montreal Taylor of Rocky Mount, NC
Service Years: 2011-present; U.S. Navy
Patricia Hawes honors…
Dennis Hawes of Clinton, NC
Service Years: 1964-1970; U.S. Air Force
Patricia Klaiber honors…
USMC SSgt Earl Louis Otworth of Franklin Furnace, OH
Service Years: 1942-1944
Patsy Wesley honors…
Herschel Wesley of Louisville, KY
Service Years: 1964-1994; U.S. Navy
Paul Richardson honors…
U.S. Army CPL James Richardson of Ruston, LA
Service Years: 1951-1953
Paul Yannucci honors…
Raymond Yannucci of Warren, OH
World War II; U.S. Army Air Forces
Paula Kingery honors…
Brandy Kingery of Orient, IA
Service Years: 1992-1995; U.S. Navy
Peggy Crawley honors…
Lowell Mangrum of Fairview, TN
Service Years: 1942-1968: USMC
Peggy Dafoe honors…
US Air Force TSgt Kenneth Wright of Knob Noster, MO
Service Years: 2001– 2017
Peggy Gernon honors…
Robert O-Malley of Woodside, NY
Service Years: 1965-1966; USMC
Phillip Szczur honors…
US Army SSG Stanley Szczur of Kensington, PA & Wildwood, NJ
Service Years: 1940 – 1950
Priscilla Whitley honors…
U.S. Army SSG Scott Whitley of Fayetteville, NC
Service Years: 2004-present


Ralph Lucas honors…
SSG Sonda J. Taylor of Newport News, VA
Service Years: 1980-1990
Ralph Moerschbacker honors…
Linda Moerschbacher of Chicago Heights, IL
Service Years: 1970-1974; U.S. Air Force
Rebamarie Simpson honors…
U.S. Airforce MSgt Richard Simpson of Ocala, FL
Service Years: 1948-1998
Rebecca Maloy honors…
Donald Maloy of Grandview, MO
Service Years: 1959-1973; U.S. Army
Norma Maloy of Grandview, MO
Service Years: 1960-1962; U.S. Army
Rebecca Moses honors…
Gene Hicks of Tennessee
Service Years: 1967 to 1969
Rebecca Swain honors…
Army 1SG Gary Swain of Columbia, SC
Service Years: 1961-1992
Regina Farmer honors…
U.S. Army CPL Arlis Sizemore of Logansport, IN
Service Years: 1943-1945
Regina Taylor honors…
LCpl Austin Taylor of Milford, OH
Service Years: 2016 – present
Retta Bunting honors…
Gary Bunting of Hubbardsville
Service Years: 1970 – 1971; U.S. Army
Rhonda Cantrell honors …
PO1 Frank Cantrell of Campbellsville, KY
Service Years: 1975-1982
Rhonda Huffman honors…
U.S. Army SGT Renalda Huffman of Ft. Deposit, AL
Service Years: 1943-1953
Richard Mergy honors…
Barney Dobbs of Bessmer, AL
Service Years: 1955-1960; U.S. Navy
Roand Prince honors…
US Army CPL Raymond Prince of Malvern, AR
Service Years: 1903 – 1904
Robert Crenshaw honors…
Cpl Thomas C. Crenshaw of Oceanside, CA
Service Years: 1948-1979
Robert Donza honors…
Daniel Donza of Union, NJ, US Army
Service Years: 1995 – 2005
Robert Sibert honors…
US Air Force SSgt Dale Sibert of Montgomery, AL
Service Years: 1995 – 2015
Robert Valdez honors…
U.S.MC Sgt Richard Valdez of Los Angeles, CA
Service Years: 1967-1970
Roberta Bolton honors…
Robert Norman of Tennessee
Service Years: 1944-1953; USMC
Robin Cedrone honors…
USMC SGT Deniz Emre of Lexington, MA
Service Years: 2001-2005
Robin Crenshaw honors…
Abraham Gross of Brooklyn, NY
Service Years: 1939-1945; U.S. Army
Robin Helms honors…
U.S. Army PFC Art Helms of Huntsville, AL
Service Years: 1979-1983
U.S. Air Force SMSgt Ray Thompson of Accomac, VA
Service Years: 1953-1973
Robin Waterman honors…
SGT Keith Waterman of Harker Heights, TX
Service Years: 1978-2006
Robin Wimberly honors…
William Wilson, 3rd of Philadelphia, PA
Service Years: 1950-1970; U.S. Army
Rosabel Baldwin honors…
National Guard SSG Jay E. Baldwin of Kodiak, AK
Rosalie Brainard honors…
US Army MAJ Joey Ruddock of Austin, TX
Service Years: 1990 – present (currently serving in Afghanistan)
Rose Osborn honors…
US Army SGT Robert Osborn of Winstead, CT
Service Years: 1966 – 1968
Roseanne Hannigan honors…
US Army SGT Kenneth Hannigan of Austin, TX
Service Years: 1945 – 1947
Rosemary Hunter honors…
Grady Hunter of Atlanta, GA
Service Years: 1971-1974; U.S. Army
Roy Lockhart honors…
James Kiker of Oklahoma
Service Years: 1988 – 2016; U.S. Navy Seabees
Ruby Griffin honors…
U.S. Army SGT Carlton Scott Nix of Illinois
Service Years: 2009-2017
Ryan Cooke honors…
Jerome Weyers of Tonawanda, NY
U.S. Army


Sam Dalton honors…
US Air Force Lt Col Robert Dalton of Minneapolis, MN
Service Years: 1943 – 1983
Sam McDine honors…
US Army National Guard SGT James McDine of Pittsburg, PA
Service Years: 1994 – 2014
Sandra Fenter honors…
US Marine LCpl Eric Scott of Lumberton, TX
Service Years: 2004 – 2008
Sandra Moore honors…
Robert Moore of Nashville, TN
Service Years: 1960-1964; USMC
Sandra Osborne honors…
U.S. Army SGT Samuel Osborne of McGrady, NC
Service Years: 1965-1968
Sandra Riley honors…
Charles Riley of Decatur, TX
Service Years: 1963-1983; U.S. Air Force
Sarah Lott honors….
CMSgt Joey Leon Williams of Dillon, SC
Service Years: 1982-2012
Sarah Sheehy honors…
John Sheehy of Beacon, NY
Service Years: 1980-2015; U.S. Air Force
Sharon Carlisle honors…
U.S. Army MSG Alfred Bliss of Fall River, MA
Service Years: 1950-1970
Sheri Gallagher honors…
Roy Brooks of Princeton, WV
Service Years: 1940-1969; U.S. Navy
Sherrie Roderick honors…
U.S. Army SFC Gary Sanborn of Decatur, IL
Service Years; 1958-1979
Shirley Cotterman honors…
MSgt James Cotterman of Clarion, PA.
Service Years: 1952-1974
Shirley Hassler honors…
Charles Hassler of West Monroe, LA
Service Years: 1968-1969; U.S. Army
Shirley Parker honors…
Clovis Edmonds of Fredericktown, MO
U.S. Navy
Sherrice Bond honors…
Charles Stallard of Louisville, Kentucky
Sherry Hall honors…
Arthur Hall of Tennessee
Service Years: 1940-1944; U.S. Army
Sherry Smith honors…
James French of Pekin, IN
Service Years: 1966-1969; U.S. Army
Sherry Kondrosky honors…
Pete Kondrosky of New Hope, PA
Service Years: 1964-1968; U.S. Air Force
Sheryl Daugherty honors…
John Daugherty of Monroeville, IN
Service Years: 1964-1968; USMC
Sonda Taylor honors…
SFC James G Jefferson of Chicago, IL
Service Years: 1941-1956
Stacy Welch honors…
Kimberly Rae of Bakersfield, MO
Service Years: 1990s
Steffanie Strickland honors…
Walter and Sandra Altizer of Deltona, FL
Service Years: 1956-1968; U.S. Air Force
Stephanie Merrifield honors…
Robert Merrifield of Indianapolis, IN
Service Years: 1950-1955; U.S. Navy
Stephanie Whitehead honors…
Monroe Casteel of Johnson City, TN
Service Years: 1942- 1945; U.S. Army
James Roberts Jr. of Johnson City, TN
Service Years: 2004-2008; UMUC
Stephanie Whotehead honors…
James Roberts, Jr. of Johnson City, TN
Service Years: 2004-2008; USMC
Stephanie Wittenbach honors…
U.S. Army SPC Gavin Wittenbach of Lebanon, OH
Service Years: 2005-2017
Steve Mitchell honors…
SSG Calvin Bedinger of Danville, KY
Service Years: 1956-1958, 1972-1984
Steven Allen honors…
A.D. Allen of Trumann, AR
Service Years: 1943-1946; U.S. Air Force
Sue Entrekin honors…
U.S. Army SPC Michael Entrekin of Joanna, SC
Service Years: 1968-1970
Susan Carson honors…
Michael Carson, Sr. of Texarkana, AR
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S. Army
Susan Dempsey honors…
Richard MacKenzie
Service Years: 1973-1973; U.S.Navy
Susan Dempsey honors…
SN Richard MacKenzie of Elgin, TX
Service Years: 1973-1973
Susan Worrell honors…
Edmond Worrell of Beckley, WV
Service Years: 1941-1945; U.S. Army
Suzanne Glasco honors…
US Army PVT Anthony Glasco of Hot Springs, AR
Service Years: 1967 – 1971
Suzanne Guerineau honors…
U.S. Army GEN Edward Smith of Rochester, NY
Service Years: 1937-1977
Suzie Badker honors…
Gene Badker of Klamath Falls, OR
Service Years: 1966-1968; U.S. Army


Tah Hat honors…
Tammy Hendrix of Larue, TX
Service Years: 1997 – 2013; U.S. Army
Tammy Linn honors…
MSGT Donald Wilson of Lewistown, PA
Service Years: 1984-2012
Tammy Redmond honors…
Lee Barnes of Bristol, TN
Service Years: 1950-1954; U.S. Air Force
Tascha Myers-Gallman honors…
Betty Williams of Sumter, SC
Service Years: 1974-1984
Teri Burkes honors…
Cpl Cecil Burkes Jr of Mt. Olive, MS
Service Years: 2008-2016
Teri Goode honors…
US Marine LCpl Billy Goode of Pueblo West, CO
Service Years: 1969 – 1973
Teresa Evans honors…
U.S. Army SFC Norman Bibbo of Newton Upper Falls, MA
Service Years: 1973-1994
Teresa Fredenburg honors…
USMC Cpl Michael Fredenburg of Montgomery, AL
Service Years: 1967-1971
Teresa Reffitt honors…
Averal ‘Hack’ Norris of Coal Grove, OH
U.S. Army
Terri Ice honors…
Olen Ice of Frametown, WV
Service Years: 1997-2015; U.S. Army
Terry Burnette honors…
Leonard Burnette of Marion, NC
Service Years: 1940-1945; U.S. Army Air Corp
Timothy Everhart honors…
Lynnwood Everhart of Berryville, Va
Service Years: 1943-1945; U.S. Army
John Dillow of Berryville,Va
Service Years: 1943-1945; U.S. Army
Tiffany Morgan honors…
PVT Mervin Wills of Maryland
Service Years: 1945-1947
Tina Hoffman honors…
Roger Hoffman of Greenville, MI
Service Years: 1975-1993; U.S. Navy
Tina Skinner honors…
James Skinner of Hopkinsville, KY
Service Years: 1972-1996; U.S. Army
Tracy Bridges honors…
Walter M. Hilliard of Dodd City, TX
Service Years: 1946-1948; USMC
Tracy Smeeton honors…
USAF A1C Nicholas Smeeton of Lebanon, ME
Service Years: 2016-2017
Tracy Trimble honors…
U.S. Army CW2 Ray Zepp of Ofallon, MO
Service Years: 1968-1970
Trudy Huesgen honors…
George Kopsieker of Villa Ridge, MS
Service Years: 1953 – 1955; U.S. Army
Twyla Conder honors…
U.S. Army PFC James Doty of Indiana
Service Years: 1951-1952



Val Hess honors…
US Air Force SSgt Cliff Hess of Martinsburg, WV
Service Years: 1979 – 1995
Vivian Williams honors…
Michael Williams of Candor, NC
Service Years: 1968-1974; U.S. Army


Wallace Mcintyre honors…
Bobby Hall of Dayton, OH
Service Years: Air Force, 1969-1977
Wanda Hamrick honors…
John Hamrick Sr. of Georgia
Service Years: 1969-2009; U.S. Air Force
Wendy Lawson honors…
Navy GSM3 Mathew Green of Decatur, AL
Service Years: 2003 -2006
William Powell honors…
Charlie Lunsford of Roxboro, NC
Service Years: 1960-1980; U.S. Army


Zetta Bowyer honors…
U.S. Army SFC Herbert Bowyer of Oak Hill, WV
Service Years: 1957-1964



U.S. Army SPC4 Fred Armstead of Enid, MI
U.S. Army SPC5 Robert Groce
Service Years: 1966-1968
U.S. Army SGT Janice Sullins-Brown of Abingdon, VA
Service Years: 1980-1992
U.S. Navy SCPO John Epp of Columbus, NE
Service Years: 1996-2016
Chris Bennett of Loveland, CO
Service Years: 1976-1982; U.S. Navy
Lorraine Ganley of Syracuse, NC
Service Years: 1968-1971; U.S. Army
Ernie Durham of Calhoun, TN
Service Years: 1980-1992; U.S. Navy Cryptologist-Intelligence
Edward Miller of Sylvania, OH
Service Years: 1992-2016; U.S. Army
Jeffrey L Meyer of Sheboygan, WI
Service Years: 1969-2011; U.S. Army
Frank Martin of Chandler, IN
Service Years: 1968-1972
Thomas Wood of Woodruff, SC
Service Years: 1970-1995; U.S. Navy
Melvin Shelburne of Sealy, TX
Service Years: 1964 – 1971; U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. Air Force Reserve
Huey Moore of Albany, GA
Service Years: 1974-1977; U.S. Navy
U.S. Army SPC John Bon of East Carbon City, Utah
Service Years: 1959-1960
Chris Bennett of Loveland, CO
Service Years: 1976-1982; U.S. Navy
Paul Denis of Ossining, NY
Service Years: 1966-1970; U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army MAJ Henry McCain of Starkville, MS
Service Years: 1980-2012
George Lowdon of Zilwaukee Township, MI
Service Years: 1941 – 1945; U.S. Army Air Forces
Buddy Spenser of Fairfax, VA
Service Years: 1974-1979; U.S. Navy
U.S.MC Sgt Gary Creath of Shelbyville, IL
Service Years: 1963-1968