Sweepstakes Winners

National Day of the Cowboy – July 2024

Winner will be chosen July 31st at 10AM ET.  Enter now!

Beat the Heat – June 2024

Winner – Lisa S. from VA

Rushin’ to Rushmore – April – June 2024

Winner – Benny D. from NM

Dodge City Lucky Draw – March 2024

Winner – Gordon B. from TX

Hungry Hearts Sweepstakes – February 2024

Winner – Lorelei B. from TX

New Year, New Screen – January 2024

Winner – Melissa P. from MD

Happy Healthy Holidays – December 2023

Winner – Tonya D. from AR

12 Days of INSP – December 2023


Day 1 –  Jacqueline T. from IL

Day 2 –  James M. from LA

Day 3 – Laurie A. from NY

Day 4 – Annette M. from MN

Day 5 – Tim C. from FL

Day 6 – Jeff C. from TX

Day 7 – Elly C. from IA

Day 8 – Christy C. from FL

Day 9 – Karin H. from AL

Day 10 – Glenn R. from PA

Day 11 – Sammie B. from IL

Day 12 – Don P. from OR

Grand Prize – Michael M. from TN

Get Cookin’ Sweepstakes – November 2023

Winner – Sylvia R. from VA

INSP Thanksgiveaway – November 2023

“Thank you INSP! As the winner of the 50” Vizio TV and $100 Gift Card, I cannot thank you all enough! My husband and I are so grateful, and want to say a big shout out to INSP for all the great shows and movies!! We love to curl up and watch our favorite shows on INSP!” – LaNita Y. from Alabama

INSP Fan Appreciation Sweepstakes – October 2023

Grand Prize Winner – Larry B. from TN

2nd Prize Winner – SueAnne W. from MI

3rd Prize Winner – Toni W. from FL

Back in the Saddle Sweepstakes – September 2023

Winner – Amy A. from NC

Beat the Heat Sweepstakes – August 2023

Winner – Stella E. from VT

National Day of the Cowboy – July 2023

Winner – John K. from SC

National Day of the Cowboy – July 2023

Entertainment Bundle Instagram – Gerald J. from TX

Entertainment Bundle Facebook – Tina M. from NY

Gift Card Bundle Instagram – Mary R. from PA

Gift Card Bundle Facebook – Denise M. from AL

Cusinel Bundle Instagram – Kristina M. from IL

Cusinel Bundle Facebook – Belinda P. from TN

First of all I want to thank INSP for the wonderful opportunity to win some of their awesome gifts. Second of all I want to thank INSP for the insp channel that brings good wholesale timeless programs to my living room. I love insp because it airs shows that I grew up watching all of my life. I watch insp every day for hours and hours. That being said, now I want to say as far as the prizes that I won, I am so thankful for the Walmart gift card because I’m not only going to buy myself something but I’m also going to spread the love and buy some gifts for others that I know who need a little sparkle in their lives as well. Now the cast iron cookware, that’s my jam right there. I will forever use this awesome set for my everyday cooking in my kitchen. I’m so excited to be able to use this for all foods. Nothing cooks anything better than a good cast iron skillet/pan. The taste is just so different. My grandmother used cast iron cookware back in the day and it was tried and true then as it is now. Thank you so much INSP for your generous gift.

INSP Bundle Instagram – Richard F. from PA

Thank you so much for the great INSP prize bundle! We love your programming and enjoy watching the classics from John Wayne movies to current shows such as Mountain Men. Keep up the great programming and thank you again!!

INSP Bundle Facebook – Erik S. from FL

“I was so excited to see that I won! I love old westerns. I plan on using the Bluetooth speaker many times at the house and the beach here in Florida! It was the best gift. INSP is the best channel! Thanks Again!”

John Wayne Bundle Instagram – JaNae G. from UT

I want to start by saying thank you so very much for picking me to be able to receive memorabilia from my favorite cowboy/actor , it’s an honor. Also thank you for keeping the wonderful iconic movies and tv programs around for all us western lovers! I have wonderful memories watching westerns with my son and our sweet grandpa. I’m so excited!!

John Wayne Bundle Facebook – Claudia Z. from KS

It was an honor to be the winner of the John Wayne bundle in the National Day of the Cowboy sponsored by my favorite channel, the INSP!
I am a huge fan of John Wayne and I was thrilled when I received the news! I’m so excited about the John Wayne’s stylish hat! I’m always watching INSP channel, especially because I absolutely love everything about cowboys! The cowboy movies are my very favorite genre and I watch, re-watch and record them often. I’m a longtime follower of INSP on Facebook and Instagram because they have a great team that keep me updated with their program line-up. Thank you so very much for such a fantastic channel and wonderful prize!

Tools of the Trade – June 2023

Winner – Lisa P. from AR

Birthday Boots Bash Sweepstakes – May 2023

Week 1 Winner –  Terry C. from PA

Week 2 Winner –  Jennifer B. from TX

“I am absolutely thrilled to be the winner of the Ariat gift card! Ariat is our family favorite brand of boots and I am so excited to use it for a birthday surprise for my husband, and a little something for me of course! We love INSP, we spend many weekends watching the westerns we both grew up on. Gunsmoke is our favorite, it was also my Grandma’s favorite when I was a little girl (she liked to call me Festus) so every weekend with INSP is a trip down memory lane!”

Week 3 Winner –  Lisa L. from OH

Week 4 Winner – Alvin N. from MI

“Thank you so much for the prize it will come in very handy. I ENJOY the channel, I watch INSP all the time.”

Laramie Watch 2 Win Sweepstakes – April 2023

Nightly Winners

April 3 – Harland A. from WY

“It’s so exciting to win something from INSP. INSP is our go-to channel, my wife and I watch INSP all the time. All the shows on INSP are great, but Gunsmoke is definitely my favorite. Thank you, INSP!”

April 4 – Sallie L. from AL

“INSP is my favorite channel to watch. My favorite shows to watch are Gunsmoke, Rawhide, the old movies that you show, Big Valley, The Virginian, Tales of Wells Fargo. I’ll would rather watch INSP than I had sports that is how much I love INSP.”

April 5 – Teresa M. from KY

“I am so very excited to be a winner! They may seem like small, simple words, but my thanks are big and heartfelt. Thank you so much.”

April 6 – Lisa W. from TX

“I love watching INSP. It is the one place I can find all of my favorite westerns!”

April 7 – Curt S. from WY

“Thank you so much! This is the first time I’ve ever won a contest in my life, and I couldn’t be happier that it is through INSP “Laramie Watch 2 Win” Sweepstakes. When I watch TV, I watch INSP!!”

April 10 – Perry S. from TX

“Thank you so much. INSP is THE most watched channel in our home… must have my daily westerns.”

April 11 – Merlin W. from KS

“INSP is our favorite channel as we love watching all the old westerns, especially gun smoke and Wagon Train. Before we started getting INSP it was hard to find anything worth watching. The selection on INSP is fantastic and provides many hours of viewing pleasure.”

April 12 – Leah K. from CO

Wow! Thank you so much. The prize will help us take a fun day trip to Wyoming this summer!”

April 13 – Teresa M. from MS

April 14 – Kimberly M. from IA

April 17 – Phil S. from FL

April 18 – Julie W. from CA

“Thank you so much. This is soo exciting. My whole family loves watching INSP. Loves the cowboys so much.”

April 19 – James S. from TN

April 20 – Quinn H. from MI

April 21 – Frank M. from CA

“My wife & I enjoy all the westerns on INSP.”

April 24 – Donna H. from NC

“Thank you so much INSP! I am so excited. I just love watching INSP. I get to watch all the shows I grew up watching and loving. Thank you again for the opportunity.”

April 25 – Linda W. from VA

“I cannot wait to use my gift card for summer fun, food, & drinks at the beach & pool! I love the great “old western” TV programming that INSP offers!”

April 26 – Robert L. from PA

“Thank you INSP. I love your channel, I have always been a Western fan. Your channel has good quality entertainment, shows and movies I grew with. Thank you again.”

April 27 – Rodney S. from FL

April 28 – Clifton O. from SC

“I was so surprised about finding about my win, and I am also very appreciative. We really enjoy the variety and the wholesome entertainment INSP provides. We are loyal viewers. Thank you again!!”

GRAND PRIZE – Kelly C. from MD!

Favorite Film Faceoff Sweepstakes – March 2023

All winners will receive a 65″ Samsung Smart TV and a $100 VISA Gift Card

Round 1 Winner –  Jimmy K. from FL

Round 2 Winner – Anthony H. from OH

Here’s what Anthony had to say:

“I love your channel and watch it all the time. I never win anything this is a first . Thank you INSP.”



Round 3 Winner – Kim L. from KY

Here’s what Kim had to say:

“Just like my INSP heroes, I to enjoy the great outdoors. Love all the old shows on INSP.”



Bonus Round Winner – Diane P. from AL

Here’s what Diane had to say:

“Thank you so much for selecting me to be a winner!  My husband and I love INSP. It is our favorite channel ever and westerns are our favorite shows and movies. We have more INSP programming recorded on our DVR than any other channel so we always have something we want to watch.”


*pending verification of eligibility

International Women’s Day Social Giveaway – March 2023

Facebook Winner: Rich C.

Instagram Winner: Christina F.

Hungry Hearts Sweepstakes – February 2023

Winner: Bobbi M. from WI won

  • 21 Home-Delivered Meals from Mom’s Meals

  • $250 VISA Gift Card

Here’s what Bobbi had to say:
“I am so excited to receive this sweepstakes award. The home-delivered meals from Mom’s meals will certainly extend my grocery budget.  The gift card is so awesome.  Thank you so very much!”

Stash of Cash Sweepstakes – January 2023

Winner: Eddy P. from AL won

  • $500 Gift Card

12 Days of INSP Sweepstakes – December 2022

Day 1 – 65″ Smart TV

  • Winner: Cheryl P. from MS

Day 2 – $250 Walmart Gift Card

  • Winner: Geraldine C. from PA

Day 3 – Yeti Cooler

  • Winner: Bob C. from FL

Day 4 – $250 Cavender’s Gift Card

  • Winner: Timothy P. from MN

Day 5 – Stand Mixer & $100 Walmart Gift Card

  • Winner: Wilma N. from VA

Day 6 – $250 Chewy Gift Card

  • Winner: Brenda C. from NY

Day 7 – $500 Tecovas Gift Card

  • Winner: Laurine K. from CT

Day 8 – Mini Big Green Egg Smoker

  • Winner: Ideana H. from AZ

Day 9 – $250 Hobby Lobby Gift Card

  • Winner: Deborah W. from PA

Day 10 – $250 Home Depot Gift Card

  • Winner: Jinny L. from MO

Day 11 – iPad mini Wi‑Fi 64GB – Space Gray

  • Winner: Michelle S. from FL

Day 12 – $500 VISA Gift Card

  • Winner: Kate R. from NJ
*pending verification of eligibility

Dishes Do Come True Sweepstakes – November 2022

Winner: Lynn S. from NY won

  • 20 Piece Blue Willow Dinnerware Set

  • Covered Sugar Bowl

  • Cream Jug

  • 3-tier cake stand

  • $250 Visa Gift Card

Howdyween Sweepstakes – October 2022

Winner: Jennie S. from CA won

  • Stetson Hat

  • $250 Gift Card

  • Assorted Candy

Mystery Sweepstakes – September 2022

Winner: Valerie M. from MT won

  • $500 Gift Card

  • Jesse Stone 9 Movie Collection on DVD

  • Wild West Cowboy Murder Mystery Host Your Own Game Kit

Hit the Trail Sweepstakes – August 2022

Winner: Patsy P. from VA won

  • Yeti Tundra Cooler

  • $150 Shell Gas Station Gift Card

Gunsmoke Watch 2 Win Sweepstakes – July 2022

Nightly Winners

July 1 – David S. from AL

July 4 – Perry N. from PA

July 5 – Janice H. from KY

July 6 – Elaine C. from PA

July 7 – Gail P. from NJ

July 8 – William H. from GA

July 11 – Zach K. from WY

July 12 – Evan Z. from UT

July 13 – Michael K. from TX

July 14 – Yolanda J. from CA

July 15 – Mark P. from PA

July 18 – Carolyn P. from VA

July 19 – Beverly R. from NC

July 20 – Dorothy E. from IL

July 21 – Chandra. from AZ

July 22 – Betty N. from CO

July 25 – Brenda P. from TX

July 26 – James L. from AK

July 27 – Saroj J. from KS

July 28 – Mike S. from IA

July 29 – Dennis F. from MD

GRAND PRIZE – Gary H. from CA

*pending verification of eligibility

The National Day of the Cowboy Social Giveaway

July 19 – Alice M. – Instagram Winner of Boots and Bucks Collection

July 19 – Kevin W. – Facebook Winner of Boots and Bucks Collection

July 20 – Denise W. – Instagram Winner of Sizzlin’ Summer Collection

July 20 – Linda W. – Facebook Winner of Sizzlin’ Summer Collection

July 21 – Kerrie H. – Facebook Winner of Cozy Cowboy Collection

July 21 –  Jane M. – Instagram Winner of Cozy Cowboy Collection

July 22 – Terry B. – Facebook Winner of INSP Collection

July 22 – Erin M. – Instagram Winner of INSP Collection 

July 23 – Elizabeth B. – Facebook Winner of John Wayne Collection

July 23 – Elizabeth S. – Instagram Winner of John Wayne Collection

The Ultimate Getaway Watch 2 Win Sweepstakes

Nightly Winners

April 21 – Bliss S. from TX

April 28 – Megan E. from OK

May 5 – Terry L. from KY

May 12 – Dana M. from TX

May 19 – Wayne F. from MD

May 26 – Michael M. from MI

June 2 – Barbara H. from AL

June 9 – Janice W. from GA

June 16 – Judy T. from FL

June 23 – Robert J. from TX

GRAND PRIZE – Greg C. from WA

The Duke Days of May Watch 2 Win Sweepstakes

Nightly Winners

May 1 – Debra S. from PA

May 6 – Richard M. from OH

May 7 – John G. from TX

May 8 – Larry S. from VA

May 13 – Pete G. from CA

May 14 – Nancy G. from IN

May 15 – Douglas V. from WI

May 20 – Ted R. from ME

May 21 – Steven A. from NY

May 22 – Robert S. from TN

May 27 – David B. from IN

May 28 – David F. from TX

May 29 – Sue G. from TX

INSP’s Garden Sweepstakes

Winner: Bradley D. from CA won

  • Pure Garden folding stool with a 7-piece tool kit

  • Sunday Lawn All-in-One Fertilizer Kit

  • A Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon

  • A $250 Home Depot gift card

INSP’s Big Screen Sweepstakes

Winner: Calvin F. from AL won a 65″ Samsung 4K Smart TV!

INSP’s Into the Wild Sweepstakes

INSP's Into the Wild Sweepstakes


Winner: Teresa K. from AZ

Here’s what Teresa had to say:
“I received an email today saying I won the contest, and I wanted to thank you so very much can’t tell you how surprised I was. My husband has had a bad year going through cancer and this will give us a chance to get away and without it we could never afford it. This is the honest truth INSP is their favorite channel 80% of our TV shows are the westerns we love them and watch them over and over. Again I would like to thank you, I feel so blessed!!”

INSP’s Cheers to the New Year Sweepstakes

Winner: Ladonna W. from GA

Here’s what Ladonna had to say:
“I’m so excited for this, I was having such a bad day so this was a much needed email. You never know when your silver lining will show up.”


INSP’s Stash of Cash Sweepstakes


Winner: Larry W. from FL

Watch 2 Win: Duke the Halls

Nightly Winners:

  • December 3rd: Mel D. from HI
  • December 4th: Leroy G. from AL
  • December 5th: Jerry W. from TX
  • December 10th: Paul M. from NE
  • December 11th: Beverly M. from KY
  • December 12th: Mark R. from IL

Grand Prize Winner: Denise K. from MO. Here’s what she had to say: 

“This is a nice gift for my Husband. He watches insp all time. He likes John Wayne movies, Gunsmoke and Cheyenne. Thank you.”

Boots and Bucks Sweepstakes


RickyLynn T. from IL – Winner!

Dishes Still Come True Sweepstakes


Michael M. from Camp Springs, MD – Winner!

Watch 2 Win: Gunsmoke

Nightly winners:

  • Day 1 – January 11th: John C. – FL
  • Day 2 – January 12th: Shannon M. – PA
  • Day 3 – September 1st: Marie M. – NH
  • Day 4 – September 2nd: Tom S. – KY
  • Day 5 – September 3rd: Steve Z. – ID
  • Day 6 – September 6th: Mike L. – TN
  • Day 7 – September 7th: Danny D. – IA
  • Day 8 – September 8th: Sandra F. – SC

Here is what Sandra F. had to say:
“I won one of the $100 Amazon gift cards during the Gunsmoke watch to win contest. I decided to get Gunsmoke mugs for my 3 friends and myself with the gift card. We became friends because of our love of Gunsmoke. We met on a Gunsmoke page on Facebook. We’re from different parts of the USA but have become dear friends during the past year. We’re hoping to meet in person one day.
Thank you for running the contest and thank you for showing the old western tv shows and the great western movies.
Sincerely, a fan for life…
Sandra F.” (and friends Sandy S., Virginia “Ginn” H., and Riley D.)

  • Day 9 – September 9th: Janice B. – VA
  • Day 10 – September 10th: Diann K. – NJ
  • Day 11 – September 13th: Patrick D. – MI
  • Day 12 – September 14th: Debbie G. – TX
  • Day 13 – September 15th: Marcia T. – OH
  • Day 14 – September 16th: Gary D. – NY
  • Day 15 – September 17th: Ted B. – KY
  • Day 16 – September 20th: Joseph R. – KS
  • Day 17 – September 21st: Janice T. – VA
  • Day 18 – September 22nd: Jeff B. – PA
  • Day 19 – September 23rd: Christine L – WI
  • Day 20 – September 24th: Sandy H. – NJ
  • Day 21 – September 27th: Kate H. – WI
  • Day 22 – September 28th: John E. – MN
  • Day 23 – September 29th: Chuckia J. – CA
  • Day 24 – September 30th: Wanda G. – FL
    Here is what Wanda G. had to say:
    “Never thought I would win. Was pleasantly surprised.  Watch Gunsmoke all the time. Winnings helped with Christmas shopping.”





INSP Absolutely Arness Sweepstakes


Debra N. from Augusta, GA – Winner!

INSP ‘Sizzlin’ Summer’ Sweep-steaks


Kenneth G. from Tyler, TX – Winner!

INSP Saddle Up, Pilgrim – A Duke Days of May Sweepstakes


Brenda V. – Winner!

Here is what Brenda V. from Penrose, CO had to say:

“This is what getting this trip means to me.  Well after I did the happy dance, I contacted my friends of my good fortune and they said it’s great to know someone who wins.  And after this past year, it was a wonderful to be able to plan this trip.  I’m most excited about visiting the John Wayne museum as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.  I have always been a fan of John Wayne’s as a little girl and then I had a roommate who only watched the shows on INSP and it got to be a favorite on Friday, Saturday and Sunday when the movies came on and we enjoyed them more now than when we were younger.  Great morals in them.  I have been to Texas before, I went to San Antonio and it was wonderful seeing all the history that that area has and visiting the different sites.  I’ll be bringing my sister in law with as she loves to travel and doesn’t care where she goes.  She’s as excited as I am.  He has so many great movies but I think the one I liked the best was The Cowboys.  Some of the things we’d like to see are the City tour, South Fork Ranch.”


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