Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Challenges

Cowboyin’ is about hard work…and having fun. Just about any cowboy would be up for a challenge! The contestants on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown are rarin’ to go!

Here are some of the challenges they face to gain immunity or to impress the judges and avoid elimination from the competition.


Herding Cattle

Sounds like a no brainer for a cowboy! But you never know what the cows will do! In this team challenge, each assigned team must sort and herd 25 pre-designated cows from 100 head, and herd them into the team’s selected pen. To really test their skills to the max, each team has just one hour to complete the entire challenge!


Calf Roping

A cowboy essential skill. This is an individual Immunity Challenge. The cowboy who ropes the calf and remounts their horse in the fastest time is the winner, and is safe from elimination at the end of the episode.


Bull Immunity

Cowboys encounter dangerous situations all the time in their work. Facing down a rogue bull is one of the most perilous. Ask any bull rider. Ask any rodeo clown. This individual Immunity Challenge tests not only the cowboy’s skill in handling a frightening situation, but also their agility, strategy and bravery. The objective is to grab a flag off a wild bull in a large pen. Not easy when 2 tons of muscle and rage wants you out of its space.


Race for Buckle

Chores! Somebody has to do them. Yes, it’s not all sorting cows and riding into the sunset on the ranch. There’s other work to be done! So let’s get to it. Time’s a’wastin’ so we’re making it a race! In this individual Immunity Challenge, the remaining cowboys must complete four tasks they might have to perform in their daily ranch lives: Carry a filled water bucket, chop wood, make a fire that burns through a rope just a few feet off the ground, saddle their horses, mount up, and race to a line of bells and ring one. Not so difficult—if the clock wasn’t ticking, and your competition wasn’t breathing down your neck.


Steer Stopping

Another individual Immunity Challenge—and essential cowboy skill. Each cowboy must chase down a running (or dawdling…you never know!) steer in a pen, and lasso it. The cowboy who completes the challenge the fastest wins immunity.


Other Challenges on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown


Relay on the Ranch

 A Team Challenge. This is a relay race with five tasks: Catch and saddle your horse, stack hay bales in a loft, fix a flat tire on a trailer, catch a calf, load the calf on the trailer.


Rogue Bull

A Team Challenge. Each team must build 100 yards of fencing with a gate, separate a rogue bull from a herd of 25 cows, and load the bull onto a trailer.


Sorting Calves

A Team Challenge. Each team must set up pens, separate the calves from the cattle then load the calves on a trailer.


Guess the Weight

A Team Challenge. The cowboys must work together to carefully choose and sort steers from a large herd. The team whose herd of sorted steers comes closest to 10,000 pounds, wins.


The $50K Round Up

The Final Challenge to determine who wins Ultimate Cowboy Showdown! The last three cowboys work as a team to drive a herd through rough country, past obstacles, and load them onto a trailer. The cowboys may be working as a team, but they’re being judged on their individual skills and performance. Because only one cowboy can take home the ultimate prize: a herd of cattle worth $50K.