Palms of Glory Every property owner in the Valley is in danger of losing their land due to the legal trickery of a ruthless railroad baron who backs up his action with an army of 200 men. Into this tense scene rides an iron-willed young man who defiantly tells the Barkley’s he is the “illegitimate son” of the dead family patriarch.
Forty Rifles With a massive and difficult cattle drive about to begin, Heath has problems gaining the respect of the forty hands needed to carry it off. His problems escalate when a decorated ex-general of the Civil War joins the drive with the intention of recruiting the hands and starting his own army.
Boots with My Father’s Name A Stockton memorial to Tom Barkley and his last pair of dress boots stir memories of him for Victoria and Heath. Victoria travels to Strawberry, Heath’s birthplace, to find out just what Tom Barkley felt for Heath’s mother Leah.
Young Marauders, The Guest Star Buck Taylor – Audra is attracted to a handsome stranger who saves her life during a horse stampede. His appearance in the Valley coincides with the emergence of a pillaging “protection” ring that has begun to terrorize the area.
Odyssey of Jubal Tanner, The After thirty years a man comes back to the Valley to claim land promised to him by the late Tom Barkley. The land is now the site of a proposed dam.  The Barkley’s argue among themselves and with the local landowners about whether the man is entitled to stay.
Heritage In the town of Lonesome Camp, the Barkley’s investment in a mine is threatened when labor unrest leads to a violent strike. Heath looks into the situation and due to promises made by the late Tom Barkley years before, the Barkley’s decide to fight for control of the mine in order to settle the dispute.
Winner Lose All Guest Star Katharine Ross – Heath falls in love with Maria who is returning home from school in the East. She is the daughter of Don Alfredo, a Spanish land owner and nobleman, who is in a property dispute with a neighbor.  Don Alfredo also believes that Heath’s lineage is impure and the dispute soon endangers the romance.
My Son, My Son A neighboring rancher’s teenage son returns to Stockton after being away many years and is immediately obsessed with Audra. He and her defender, Heath, tangle which leads to a feud between the families. The quarrel further escalates with a shooting and the revelation of the boy’s past.
Earthquake! Guest Star Charles Bronson – Victoria, a surly ex-Barkley ranch hand, and a pregnant Indian girl fight for survival when an earthquake traps them in a church cellar. When it is found that the cellar may connect to tunnels from a closed up Barkley gold mine, not all the searchers really want the rescue to succeed.
Murdered Party, The Jarrod agrees to defend a murder suspect from a wealthy family, despite the fact that Heath witnessed the killing and must testify in court. The case involves the defense of a man from a reviled family and the death of a respected benefactor.
Way to Kill a Killer, The Guest Star Martin Landau – An old Barkley friend, a hard working Mexican National, comes to Stockton to sell his herd of cattle. When it is found out the cattle are infected with a deadly disease, he refuses to destroy the animals or isolate his cattle from healthy Barkley stock.
Night of the Wolf Guest Star Ron Howard – Nick is bitten by a rabid wolf and thinking he is going to die, he leaves Stockton without any explanation to the family. His journey leads him to re-examine his life and attitudes, and the help of a woman and her son give him hope for the future.
Guilt of Matt Bentell, The Guest Star Anthony Zerbe – Heath lashes out at the Barkley’s new timber camp foreman, who he remembers as the sadistic commandant of the Confederate prison camp he was in. The timber crew also resent the foreman, especially two brothers sworn to kill him.
Brawlers, The Guest Star Claude Akin – Irish immigrants claim a section of land on the Barkley ranch which they insist they bought and paid for in San Francisco. Their leader and Nick clash immediately. Heath, on the other hand, is sympathetic and thinks they are honest people who are mistaken and not squatters.
Judgement in Heaven Jarrod arranges for the girlfriend of a murderous outlaw to be released from jail so she can spend Christmas with the Barkley’s. She’s a wildcat and with her boyfriend still on the loose, she defiantly vows to re-join him at the first opportunity.
Invaders, The Guest Star Yvonne Craig – A family of rawhiders, plundering the countryside, bushwhack Heath and then decide to pretend to be his savior. Their plan to rob the Barkley’s is aided by almost everyone being away from the ranch on a cattle drive.  Only a weakened Heath, Victoria, Audra and one of their own women stand in their way.
By Fires Unseen Guest Star Diane Baker – After a whirlwind courtship, Nick proposes to a beautiful Eastern socialite. Her interest in him soon disappears when she experiences the slow-paced life on the ranch and becomes obsessed with Heath, causing family friction amongst the Barkley’s.
A Time to Kill Guest Star William Shatner – Jarrod has an old friend from law school pass through Stockton who has ample funds, no job and time on his hands. A Secret Service agent soon follows and tells Jarrod his friend’s “income” is suspected to come from bank robbery and counterfeiting.  Jarrod tries to unearth the truth.
Teacher of Outlaws An outlaw gang leader orders his men to kidnap a teacher so he can learn to read and write for a special purpose. His men nab Victoria by mistake.  She pretends to be the school marm to buy time for the Barkley boys to find her.
Under a Dark Star Guest Star Bruce Dern – Pardoned after a long imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit, a man has Jarrod’s help in adjusting to being free again as they work the ranch. Fighting an irrational fear of returning to prison, the man starts to plan the murder of the prosecuting attorney in his case – Jarrod.
Barbary Red Guest Stars George Kennedy and Jill St. John – Nick celebrates his birthday at a waterfront saloon where he is drugged and shanghaied for sea duty. Jarrod suspects an old client of his, beautiful Barbary Red, is behind Nick’s disappearance so Eugene and Heath help him investigate his hunch.
Death Merchant, The Guest Star James Whitmore – Everyone except Heath extends a warm welcome to an aging cowboy who killed Tom Barkley’s murderer during the Barkley Railroad War. The man proves to be a friend to no one. He enjoys range wars and will sell his services as a killer to either side and he’s looking for work!
Fallen Hawk, The Heath, feeling responsible for an old friend’s crippling injury, is determined to do all he can to help the man and his wife.  Meanwhile, the old friend schemes of using the injury to get money out of Heath to finance his latest “get-rich-quick” idea.
Hazard A man arrives at the ranch looking for Heath and is shot by two trailing bounty hunters who claim he is wanted for murder. While the man is hospitalized at the ranch, Jarrod travels to Coreyville to look into the murder charge and Heath comes to terms with an old grudge.
Into the Widow’s Web Heath is drawn to an alluring old girlfriend who is now married. When her husband is mysteriously killed in a gun “accident”, Heath is accused of murder. Jarrod must now clear Heath, while contending with the D.A., a law school colleague who is jealous of the Barkley family.
By Force and Violence Guest Star Dean Stanton – While traveling cross country, Victoria and Heath have an accident resulting in Heath becoming pinned under their heavily loaded wagon. Victoria seeks help and turns to a mysterious man who is being pursued by aggressive bounty hunters.
River Monarch, The A riverboat, sunk years before with Civil War era government gold aboard, is located but there’s no trace of the gold. A group of Confederate sympathizers or Tom Barkley himself may have caused the explosion which sank the ship. The lure of gold may even extend to Nick’s old commanding officer who is assigned to investigate.
Midas Man, The Audra falls for a financier who has come to the Valley to capitalize on a drought that has left many ranchers needing loans. When he is about to foreclose and seize the land used as collateral, Audra offers her hand in marriage as a “sacrifice” to hold off the financier.
Tunnel of Gold A new General Store, owned by a husband/wife team, is invaded by outlaws who begin to tunnel across to the Railroad Baggage Depot, which is storing gold.  The Barkley Family soon visits the store and are also held captive by the outlaws. All inside face danger when a gas leak in discovered in the tunnel.
Last Train to the Fair Guest Star Richard Anderson – With the Barkley family on the way to the State Fair, Audra is stricken with appendicitis and the only doctor aboard has his own problems – men are out to kill him for revenge based upon his dark past.
Lost Treasure Guest Stars Bruce Dern and Buddy Hackett – Heath is shaken when a slick talking man comes to the ranch and claims he is his father. Heath travels to his boyhood home to verify the story and  soon finds out that his “father” will live or die based on his believing him – and paying a debt using Barkley money.
Legend of a General Part 1 While in Mexico tending to a Barkley mine, Heath aids a Mexican General (and family friend) who has escaped an oppressive leader. When it is found out that the General is living in California at the Barkley Ranch, Heath is jailed and his life is used to bargain for the General’s return.
Legend of a General Part 2 The Barkley’s refuse to cooperate with the Mexican authorities but, with the General’s help, plan to go to Rio Blanco, Mexico and break Heath out of jail. Meanwhile, Heath has his own break-out plan and succeeds but is betrayed.
Caesar’s Wife A neighbor’s young, second wife is more romantically interested in her stepson than her husband. Her jealousy of Audra, the stepson’s childhood sweetheart, leads to a shooting and puts Audra in danger from the husband.
Pursuit Victoria and an alcoholic, cynical hunter search desperately for a measles-infected Indian brave who intends to seek help only from the traditional medicine man from his tribe.  Victoria knows if she doesn’t stop the brave, he will infect his whole tribe.
Martyr, The Jarrod defends a Basque sheepherder – a self-described anarchist – who is accused of murdering a local cattleman. He soon finds that many people fear his client and not all of the Basque community wants him to be acquitted of the charges and released.
Target Guest Star James Whitmore – A candidate for governor, Joshua Hawks, who had been traveling up and down California spreading lies and causing trouble, comes to Stockton. His target this time is the Barkley’s and his charge is that Tom Barkley stole every inch of land that family owns.
Velvet Trap, The Nick Falls for a mysterious woman, not knowing she is a gunslinger’s lady-friend.   The outlaw is in relentless pursuit of the woman and intent on revenge for her leaving him. When Nick stands between the two, it may cost him his life.
Man from Nowhere, The Jarrod is sent by the state to help mediate in a land dispute. When he becomes injured and losses his memory, he is taken in by one of the actual families involved in the dispute at hand.
Great Safe Robbery, The Guest Star Warren Oats – It’s a comedy of errors when three wayward brothers do their best to open a safe at the train station while holding Victoria and Audra hostage.  Their efforts are more thwarted by themselves than the Barkley’s and local law enforcement.
Iron Box, The Nick and Heath are arrested by a corrupt sheriff and sent to a road-gang prison. When the warden learns that the two prisoners are of the “California Barkley’s,” he plans to tempt Nick into leading a breakout so he can legitimately shoot the brothers outside the wire.
Last Stage to Salt Flats While riding the stage through desolate territory, Victoria, Heath and Jarrod are held up and abandoned by robbers. The Barkley’s find themselves stranded in the desert, miles from the nearest town and without any water!!!!
A Day of Terror Guest Star Colleen Dewhurst – Victoria and Audra are held captive in the church with a Bible school class by a dangerous family of outlaws.  The mother is the devious leader and her boys follow her every command.
Hide the Children Guest Star Eve Plumb – When he accuses some gypsy workers of stealing his brandy and injures one of them in a fight, Nick is volunteered by his brothers to escort the other gypsies and their dowry wagon to a wedding. On the way he becomes smitten with the bride-to-be and learns some lessons about intolerance.
Day of the Comet Audra comes upon a man she finds camping out on Barkley land. She is intrigued by his cynical, poetic manner and befriends him. Audra soon learns he is being pursued by men out of his past.
Wagonload of Dreams The Barkley’s help a Greek immigrant deliver his fruit to San Francisco via wagon when the local railroad manager tries to take advantage of the man and jacks up the rail freight price to make a windfall profit.
Image of Yesterday Victoria learns that the leader of a gang of hired guns, hired to protect ranches against another gang of marauders, is an old flame. She becomes increasingly disturbed by the lawlessness of his men and challenges him to live up to the ideals he once had.
Boy into Man Guest Stars Richard Dreyfus and Diane Ladd – 15-year-old Lud Akely is determined to take care of his younger siblings and repeatedly turns down all the offers of help from the Barkley’s.  He is also refusing any help in the effort to find the mother who abandoned them.
Down Shadow Street Victoria has key testimony to offer at a murder trial. An unethical judge with a conflict of interest in the case has her confined to a grisly madhouse. Jarrod and Nick desperately launch a search to find her.
Stallion, The While trying to round up a prize wild stallion Nick is nearly killed due to an old ranch-hand’s lack of concentration. After being offered a less demanding job the prideful wrangler quits, determined to capture the steed single-handed.
Haunted Gun, The Gunman turned Senator Jud Robson comes to Stockton, and soon begins to reveal that he is being stalked. Unable to escape from his past, Jud is suspicious of everyone, leaving the people of Stockton and the Barkley’s in danger.
Price of Victory, The Heath tricks Nick into becoming a sparring partner to a professional boxer. When Nick knocks him down by a fluke, it is discovered that the boxer has a dangerous weakness – a blind side caused by a blood clot.  When the boxer insists on one last fight, Nick becomes his manager.
Brother Love A flashy preacher rolls into town and has Audra convinced he is sincere and is in Stockton to do good. Heath is skeptical of the man-of-faith’s motives and sets out to prove that this preacher is a con-man.
Court Martial Armed men occupy the Barkley house, bent on punishing Nick’s former general for the destruction of an innocent town during the war. Jarrod convinces them to let the general — and Nick — give their side of the story.
Plunder! Guest Stars Dennis Hopper and Cloris Leachman – Heath is sent to a town threatened by a potential dam break. When the townspeople are forced to abandon their property, Heath is left in charge of a few men to protect against looters.  As greed challenges the hearts of the men they make a plan to challenge Heath.
Turn of a Card Heath must deliver $5000 to his brothers to buy a much-needed mine pump at a government auction. A professional gambler wants to divest him of this money and finds Heath’s Achilles heel – his chivalry towards the gambler’s female bond-servant.
Showdown in Limbo Sheriff Frank Sawyer thinks that all it takes is time to toughen up his young son, newly returned from the East. His attitude may endanger the Sheriff, his son and Heath as they travel to Stockton to deliver a notorious outlaw.
Lady from Mesa, The Long-time Barkley cowhand Sam Williams is badly injured on guard-duty. Feeling guilty for allowing Williams on the job, Nick is determined to bring Sam’s daughter to his side. The Barkley’s soon learn this mysterious woman has a troubled life and insists it is her father’s fault.
Days of Grace When Heath finds himself accused of assaulting a wealthy man’s daughter, an old friend who is now a nun seeks a way to release Heath from jail and save him from dangling at the end of a rope.
Cage of Eagles Nick hires Patrick Madigan as a dynamiter despite his likely Irish political background. Tensions rise when Madigan’s intentions are questioned by an influential citizen who was originally British.   As the conflict comes to a head, Nick seeks a way to make peace and avoid seeing Madigan deported.
Joaquin A Barkley rancher is murdered shortly after he accused a newly hired ranch hand of looking exactly the same as a famous outlaw Joaquin Murietta, who was supposedly killed in an ambush ten years before. The Barkley’s are left to sort out the accusations and the murder before more violence occurs.
Ambush Victoria revisits a remote desert mission close to her heart. When the mission is suddenly and viciously attacked, she must fight to protect herself and three Indian women from the killers with only a recently reformed alcoholic to help her cause.
A Flock of Trouble Guest Star Milton Berle – Nick is tricked into winning a flock of sheep in a card game. His first instinct is to get rid of them immediately, but his neighbors’ reactions start to rankle and he finds himself increasingly unable to back down as a matter of principle.
Time After Midnight Local property owners are intimidated into selling their acreage by a tough land baron. When a case is brought against the man, the Barkley’s help Jarrod when he agrees to act as prosecutor – even after being blinded in an explosion planned by the land baron.
Night in a Small Town Guest Star James Whitmore – Heath and Victoria stop in a town run by an old friend, a tough sheriff who works hard to uphold the law. Heath is happy to restore an old friendship, but is disturbed to find just how much power and control his old friend has.
Ladykiller Guest Star James Whitmore – Heath and Victoria stop in a town run by an old friend, a tough sheriff who works hard to uphold the law. Heath is happy to restore an old friendship, but is disturbed to find just how much power and control his old friend has.
Guilty When Jarrod’s client, Jeff Bowden, is convicted of the murder of a priest, Jarrod is convinced of the man’s innocence and prepares to free him on appeal.  When Bowden escapes during his transfer to prison, Jarrod tries to intervene to save the chance for appeal and keep anyone else from getting killed.
Disappearance, The While traveling by stagecoach, Victoria and Audra check into a hotel for the night.  Victoria awakes to find her daughter missing, and when the townspeople don’t remember seeing Audra, Victoria is forced to begin a lonely, desperate search for her daughter.
A Noose Is Waiting Guest Star Ellen Corby – When a new doctor arrives in town, he is graciously welcomed by the Barkley family. This new doctor is hiding a dark secret.  He is really a deranged killer out for revenge and he is targeting Victoria as his next victim.
Explosion! Part 1 The first attempt to snuff-out a ferocious wildfire threatening the valley kills the men involved and the Barkley boys are the only other men willing to obtain and use the nitroglycerin needed to make the firebreak. As they plan their expedition to get the nitro, each brother finds himself involved with one of three very different women.
Explosion! Part 2 An ominous and deadly wildfire continues to advance toward Stockton. The Barkley brothers are on a life-threatening journey back to the town with the unstable and dangerous nitroglycerin needed to snuff-out the wildfire threatening the lives and homesteads of the people.
Four Days to Furnace Hill Guest Star Bruce Dern – A woman prisoner is killed while she is being delivered to a desert prison. To keep from losing a $100 bounty, the guards substitute Victoria, whose buggy has broken down on the route to a stockholders’ meeting of a Barkley mine.
Night of the Executioner Guest Star Dennis Hopper – While traveling through a strange town, Heath witnesses the murder of a congressman. The unthinkable happens when Heath and an old drunkard find themselves accused of being the killers. Heath must find the real killer to prove his innocence before the sheriff catches Heath and throws him in jail.
Journey into Violence Heath is taken captive by a band mountain men and their families who accuse him of killing one of their own.  The men give Heath a trial of their own devise and condemn him to serve as a slave to the dead man’s widow.
Buffalo Man, The When Victoria hires three convicts to help her with the peach harvest, she is horrified by the dark methods used by the guard to keep his prisoners in line! The worst treatment seems to be reserved for an ex-slave who served in a special unit during the Civil War.
Good Thieves, The Guest Star Charles Grodin – Heath and Nick travel across the state line to find the two brothers that shot Jarrod in the midst of a robbery. What they find is a town full of people who think of the outlaws as saints. The Barkley’s must show the men’s true colors and bring them to justice.
Days of Wrath After a whirlwind courtship, Jarrod marries. His absolute joy quickly turns to grief when his new bride is murdered by a man Jarrod once sent to prison.  Now, a grief stricken Jarrod has set his heart and mind on revenge.
Miranda A wealthy Mexican loyalist visits the Barkley’s and brings with him a valuable necklace. A female anarchist then shows up at the ranch, posing as an aristocrat and plotting to trick everyone and bring the necklace back to Mexico to help fund the revolution.
Shadow of a Giant Guest Star James Whitmore – Nick and Heath join a posse in search of outlaw brothers and led by famous lawman Seth Campbell. Heath begins to question the lawman’s greatness as he sees how Campbell treats those around him – even the good guys.
Fall of a Hero A man is dead after having a disagreement with Heath, who cannot remember what happened.  Despite being on trial for his life, Heath is determined to get to the truth and enlists Jarrod’s help to find it, even if it shows he is guilty of murder.
Emperor of Rice, The A merchant attempts to corner the rice market by purchasing all the local rice stocks, but his old friend Victoria decides instead to sell it to a group of Chinese-American businessmen. The angry and now desperate merchant kidnaps Victoria in an effort to force her to change her mind.
Rimfire An abandoned mine that belongs to the Barkley’s has unknowingly become occupied by Chinese immigrants. Now, the Barkley family needs to find a peaceful way regain control of the old mine and its’ tunnels so they can deliver fresh air to a prospering mine next door.
A Bounty on a Barkley A beautiful, aloof woman moves to the area and Nick falls in love with her. Nick courts the young woman, unaware of the fact that she has a bounty hunter husband.  Nick’s affection soon puts him in the sights of a gun.
Devil’s Masquerade When a local rancher and friend sends for a mail order bride from back east, he may get more than he bargained for.  Heath notices very suspicious behavior by the bride-to-be and suspects that something is not quite right about her.
Run of the Savage Nick follows a trail of petty thefts to a bitter and angry boy.  When Nick attempts to be a friend to the boy, he finds himself tied, gagged and held for ransom in a cave that is on the verge of collapse.
Challenge, The Guest Stars Harold Gould and Regis Philbin – Victoria and her long-time friend Senator Bannard fall victim of a plot by a rival politician to use an innocent photo to end her friend’s career.  Victoria sets out to expose the source of the deception and restore her integrity.
In Silent Battle Guest Star Adam West – War hero Jonathan Eliot intrigues Audra, but her brothers feel there is something strange about him.  Little does she know, he is an emotionally troubled and dangerous man, with delusions of what a woman should be.
They Called Her Delilah One of the former confederate spies arrives in Stockton.  When one-time confederate spy Julia Saxon visits Stockton, she faces contempt for her past. When she is accused of murder, Jarrod agrees to defend her, knowing he may be turning a blind-eye to her guilt because he was once in love with her.
Presumed Dead Guest Star Gavin MacLeod – When Victoria loses her memory after being injured in a stagecoach accident, she is nursed back to health by a cattle rustler who is grieving the loss of his wife.  The rustler lies to Victoria and tells her that she is his wife.
Run of the Cat Nick is attacked by a mountain lion. As his physical injuries begin to heal, he starts to suffer from terrible nightmares.  While still injured and weak, he begins a desperate quest to track down the cat and face the object of his troubled dreams.
Deathtown When Jarrod arrives in a town to handle a land transaction, he finds that the men he was to meet have disappeared.  Jarrod begins to uncover a web of lies told by the townspeople and decides to risk finding the truth, putting himself in danger in the troubled town.
Jonah, The Guest Star Wayne Rogers – The Barkley’s hire a ranch hand to help bring in the fruit harvest.  The man has the reputation of having bad luck follow him.  After a series of mishaps the other ranch-hands want the man fired, but there is a surprise in store for everyone.
Hell Hath No Fury Guest Star Carol Lynley – A female gang-leader and card shark falls madly in love with Heath and wants to settle down with him. Her outlaw brothers don’t approve and Heath has no wish to marry her.  Denying her affections could be deadly for Heath.
Long Ride, The While in Highridge visiting a friend, Audra witnesses three murders and goes into shock. Victoria brings her back to Stockton via stagecoach and the trip home is a test of wills between the passengers and a mysterious stranger who follows the coach.
Profit and the Lost, The Guest Star Robert Loggia – Heath risks his life and saves a man who is a notorious hired gunman. The irony is the killer has a contract to kill Heath, put out by a local rancher with a grudge.
A Stranger Everywhere Guest Star Julie Harris – Nick inadvertently causes problems for the town dressmaker when, as a joke, he tells a ranch hand that the woman is a missing member of an outlaw gang.  When Nick realizes what he has done, he tries to undo the damage.
Prize, The Guest Star Bruce Dern – The Barkley’s take in the infant son of a wanted man. When the outlaw father returns to the Barkley ranch to take custody of his son, he finds himself in a showdown with a bounty hunter.
Hunter’s Moon When Nick travels to another county to buy cattle, he and two other men are taken captive by a fanatically jealous rancher.  The man believes one of them is having a secret relationship with his wife and he threatens to kill all the men, if one of them doesn’t confess.
Top of the Stairs Victoria stops to see her brother while on her way to a wedding. She is told her brother-in-law has gone insane, but she’s refused admittance to his sickroom even when he is sedated, leading Victoria to investigate and find the truth.
Joshua Watson Guest Star Lou Rawls – A traditionally friendly annual rodeo between the Barkley and Morton ranches becomes a win-at-all-costs event. When Nick places a bet on the outcome and hires an ex-slave with amazing rodeo skills, it raises the stakes and increases the tension between the two families.
Secret, The A wealthy rancher and long-time family friend of the Barkley’s suddenly sets out to ruin their ranch when he suspects Jarrod is romantically interested in his young wife. Now, Jarrod has some explaining to do, before he find finds the ranch in ruins and himself at the end of a rope.
25 Graves of Midas, The Guest Star Anne Baxter – Nick and Heath travel separately to a mining town to investigate a tragedy at a collapsed mine they partly own.  When Nick arrives he finds a town still in pain from the collapse and Heath in jail due to a case of mistaken identity.
Lightfoot Despite being college educated, a Modoc Indian is given to angry outbursts as he imagines prejudice from any action of white people. With the whole town against the tribesman, Jarrod acts as his lawyer when he is accused of murdering a white man who taunted him.
Alias Nellie Handley Guest Star Gavin MacLeod – Victoria poses as a thief in order to become an inmate and investigate conditions at a women’s prison. Once inside, she finds it is a miserable place she may never be able to leave.
Royal Road, The Guest Star Harold Gould – Jarrod is guardian to a rebellious teenage girl who becomes interested in a prince visiting from India. The “Prince” has a heavy handed aide who arouses the suspicions of Heath when a local woman he knew is found murdered.
A Passage of Saints A group of religious people lease a local Barkley farm. When it is found out that they are Mormons and that the man has two wives, the townspeople are in an uproar.  Jarrod attempts to mediate the situation.
Battle of Mineral Springs, The Guest Star Jack Albertson – While returning to Stockton, Victoria and Jarrod stop in a town with outrageous prices for food, lodging and services. After finding out the people are bilking travelers to survive, the Barkley’s decide to open a shipping business to save the town, despite fierce opposition.
Other Face of Justice, The Guest Star Johnny Crawford – Nick and Heath join up with legendary Stockton sheriff Harry Bodine to track and arrest a brutal gang terrorizing the countryside. The reason for the Sheriff’s “help” proves interesting and totally unexpected, especially to the Barkley’s.
Town of No Exit Guest Star Leslie Nielsen – Heath arrives in a dying desert town, only to find himself a visitor in a madhouse. His hosts are five deranged people who play bizarre and deadly games with their infrequent guests. Heath’s role in their hellish fantasy – the accused on trial for murder.
Danger Road An Englishman with a large gambling debt agrees to smuggle whiskey onto an Indian reservation to pay off his losses. On the road to the reserve, he meets up with Victoria, also on her way to the reservation with medical supplies.  The two travelers find this trip is full of unexpected surprises.
Flight from San Miguel An old girlfriend of Heath’s asks his help in rescuing her husband, a Mexican Revolutionary leader. The family agrees that he should, even though if he is caught the Barkley mines will be confiscated — and Heath may lose his life.
Point and Counterpoint A dying prisoner asks his son to kill the two people whose testimony caused his death – a Stockton banker named Clark and Victoria Barkley. After Clark is murdered, Jarrod, unaware that Victoria is the next target, agrees to act as the son’s lawyer when he is put on trial for murder.