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Dive right into deliciousness in The Ocean State!

Rhode Island

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This state is small, but it’s big on taste. Travel with Taylor to the tiniest state in the Union, Rhode Island, where he explores the historic snacks that set the state apart. In this episode, discover why it’s called the Ocean State by touring Rhode Island’s largest calamari festival. Next, learn what puts the “stuff” in stuffie, as Taylor helps create this iconic recipe for the plate’s main course. Then, find out about the oldest food in the United States: the johnnycake. And finally, double down on dessert as Taylor dives into not one, but two, unique Rhode Island sweets.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Calamari
Calamari Festival Learn More
Arturo Joe’s  Learn More
Mews Tavern Learn More
Fredrickson Farms Learn More

Entrée: Quahog Stuffies
The Coast Guard House | Learn More

Side 1: Johnny Cakes
Kenyon’s Grist Mill | Learn More

Dessert 2: Donut Cakes
McDaffa’s Donut Cakes | Learn More

Dessert 2: Coffee Cabinets
Delekta’s Corner Store | Learn More

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