This singer hits the high seas! Will entertainer and host Taylor Hicks haul in a big lobster catch? Maybe if he sings sweetly to the crafty crustaceans—or he just may try it the way the locals do it, with grit and skill! Yes, Taylor travels to Maine to seek out the state’s tastiest foods in this episode of State Plate.

Join him as he heads to the mudflats to go digging for soft-shell clam “steamers,” works with a horse to hill potatoes in the field, and learns how to cook authentic bean-hole beans over hot coals.

Then it’s out to sea, as he also goes lobster fishing to get to the main ingredient of Maine’s famous lobster roll.

The Maine menu wouldn’t be complete without dessert! Taylor finishes it off with a slice of fresh blueberry pie.

Now that’s a mouthwatering plateful of Maine cuisine filled with the stories and legends behind the state’s tastiest foods.

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Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Steamers
Omm Outfitters | Nathaniel Theriault | Learn More

Entrée: Lobster Roll
Guy Randlett | Guy Randlett | Learn More

Side 1: Bean Hole Beans
Elliot Scott | Elliot Scott | Learn More

Side 2: Maine Potato
Norlands Living History | Nicol Miller| Learn More

Dessert: Blueberries & Wild Blueberry Pie
Libby & Sons |
Aaron Libby | Learn More
Winslow Farms | Sarah Boudreau | Learn More

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