Andrew Henry

Army Major, trapper, miner, and co-owner of the famous Rocky Mountain Fur Company, Andrew Henry was known for his honesty.


Born around 1775 in Pennsylvania Province, Henry grew up a tall, thin man with dark hair and blue eyes. In 1800, he moved to Spanish Upper Louisiana Territory and, six years later, bought a share in a lead mine. The following year, he joined Manual Lisa to trap along the Missouri River, and in 1809, led an expedition to start a trading post near present-day Three Forks, Montana, but he abandoned the post due to constant Blackfoot Indian attacks. In 1810, he trapped along the Snake River, spending the winter in caves. Persistent Indian conflicts drove him back to Missouri, where he joined the army in the War of 1812. After the war, Henry married, had four children, and returned to mining. Though his family life was happy, adventure called again in 1822 when he co-founded The Rocky Mountain Fur Company with William H. Ashley. Henry led a massive expedition to the mouth of the Yellowstone River and built the outpost that became Fort Henry. Two years later, he returned home and to his mining business. Andrew Henry died in Missouri on January 10, 1832.


*Images used are representative of Andrew Henry, portrayed by the actor in the series. They are not historical photos or illustrations.