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Larry Virtue  ♦  Scottsdale, AZ

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Door KnockersDecorative clavos on a door, a table or a headboard. Classic or rustic cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in pewter, bronze or wrought iron. The man to see is Larry Virtue, “The King of Clavos,” as a 2008 article in Phoenix Home & Garden referred to him. This self-taught artisan started out as a mill worker and later a vendor for a catalog company. The vendor job often took Larry to Mexico on business. There he noticed the beautiful clavos and other hardware gracing doors and furniture. In 1990, he began experimenting in metal, and started his business, creating original designs based on the look of the metalwork he’d loved from south of the border. Along with his custom projects, the company offers the popular designs, including crosses, rosettes, and pyramids.

Get to Know Larry

Originally specializing in woodworking, Larry switched careers after cutting off one too many fingers, and figured it was time for a change. Larry starts designing a doorknocker with a pencil and paper. Then he carves a wax mold of the design. The wax mold is sent off to a foundry to be cast in bronze. Each one of the traditional South American style creations has its own unique color and finish.

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