Every Craft Has A Story.

Clocks, Iron Working, Chairs

Host Jill Wagner meets a clockmaker in Michigan who keeps a dying art ticking, a 7th generation chair maker in North Carolina who uses no glue or nails, and a female blacksmith in Washington who shapes iron and defies stereotypes at the same time.

Artisans: Nathan Bower  ♦  Maria Cristalli  ♦  Scott Woody

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Quilt Maker, Rifles and Stone Carver

Host Jill Wagner travels to Texas to meet a young woman steeped in the traditions of quiltmaking. In North Carolina, Jill has a blast with a gunsmith who makes flintlock rifles. Finally, she heads to Illinois to watch a gifted stone carver at work.

Artisans: Maura Ambrose   Bobby Denton  ♦ Walter Arnold


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Glasses, Bicycles and Books

Host Jill Wagner meets a glass blower who makes drinking glasses that overflow with colors, a bicycle maker with a 7‐year waiting list, and a book publisher who painstakingly builds books one letter at a time on his 100‐year‐old printing press.

Artisans: Marcia Wiley  ♦  Rody Walter  ♦  Gray Zeitz


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Leather Wallets, Guitars and Shoes

Host Jill Wagner travels to Texas Hill Country to meet a fifth‐generation leatherworker. In Virginia, she hangs out with one of America’s greatest guitar makers. Finally, she meets a Chicago architect who gave up designing buildings to make shoes.

Artisans: Grady Douglass  ♦  Wayne Henderson  ♦  Annie Mohaupt


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Knives, Woodworking, Leather Bags

Host Jill Wagner meets husband‐and‐wife master bladesmiths who forge their own knives in the Alaskan backcountry, a master woodworker in North Carolina, and a talented Texas leatherworker who makes handbags worthy of the red carpet.

Artisans: The DesRosiers  ♦  Eddie Hamrick  ♦  Cambria Harkey


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Wood Pens, Leather Boots and Doors

Host Jill Wagner travels to Illinois to meet a husband and wife who fashion pens from reclaimed wood. In California, she hangs out with a custom cowboy bootmaker. Finally, she visits a New Mexico business that gives new life to vintage doors.

Artisans: Chad Schumacher  ♦  Michael Brooks  ♦  The Colemans


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Ceramic Tableware, Wavy Tables, Steam Punk Lamps

Host Jill Wagner visits a New Jersey ceramicist who scratches beautiful designs into pottery. In Wisconsin, she meets a woodworker who makes wood flow like fabric. Finally, in MInnesota, she watches a lamp maker make new lamps from old machine parts.

Artisans: Katherine Hackl  ♦  Martin Anataramian  ♦  Shawn Carling


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Woven Rugs, Sunglasses, Billiard Tables

Host Jill Wagner visits a Minnesota weaver who makes rugs with intricate geometric designs. In San Francisco, she learns how to make handcrafted sunglasses. And, in New Jersey, she meets a man who left a career in engineering to make billiard tables.

Artisans: Kelly Marshall  ♦  Steven Kilzer  ♦  Chuck Jacobi


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Stained Glass, Baseballs & Footballs, Jewelry Boxes

Host Jill Wagner meets a Minnesota artist who creates landscape-themed, stained-glasses panels. In New Jersey, she visits an entrepreneur who makes vintage baseballs and footballs. And, in Wisconsin, she helps a woodworker make intricate jewelry boxes.

Artisans: Josephine Geiger  ♦  Paul Cunningham  ♦  Bob Dickey


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Hats, Longbows, Wood Surfboards

Host Jill Wagner visits the Milwaukee studio of husband-and-wife hat makers who use 18th century technology to build 21st century hats. Then, she’s off to California to meet two artisans who use exotic woods to make precision longbows and surfboards.

Artisans: John & Kat McGlaughlin  ♦  Cody Dumont  ♦  Martijn Stiphout


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Denim Jeans, Wood Marquetry, Metal Bedframes

Host Jill Wagner visits a NOrth Carolina clothing designer who makes custom-fitted blue jeans. In Boston, she learns how to create elaborate designs using thin sheets of wood veneer. And, in Oregon, she meets a man who makes custom steel bedframes.

Artisans: Stan Fraser  ♦  Paul Garbarino  ♦  Chris Cardy


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Silver Flatware, Aviaries, Bamboo Fishing Rods

Host JIll Wagner visits a Massachusetts silversmith who uses centuries-old techniques to make heirloom flatware. In North Carolina, she meets a craftsman who builds amazing aviaries. And, in Oregon, she learns how to make traditional bamboo fly rods.

Artisans: Peter Erickson  ♦  Shawn Weathers  ♦  Tim Aaron


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Outdoor Furniture, Flutes, Paper

Host Jill Wagner visits a North Carolina woodworker who turns whiskey barrels into rustic outdoor furniture. In Boston, she watches artisans from precious metals into world-class flutes. And, in Oregon, she helps transform old rags into fine papers.

Artisans: James Broyhill  ♦  Dennis McGuire  ♦  Ron Rich


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Leather Chinks, Koa Chess Sets, Weathervanes

Host Jill Wagner visits a father son team in Tennessee who make leather riding chinks. In Hawaii, she meets one of the only woodworkers in the world turning Koa chess sets. And in New Hampshire, she’s with a coppersmith crafting custom weathervanes.

Artisan: Terry & Austin Lankford  ♦  Bill McMahon  ♦  Don Felix
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Cast Iron Skillets, Baskets, Axes

Host Jill Wagner is in Wisconsin with a metalworker making iron skillets shaped like the 50 states. In Massachusetts, an accomplished basket weaver creates her own designs. In Tennessee, an axe maker uses methods from the 1600s to craft his tools.

Artisans: Alisa Toninato ♦ JoAnn Kelly Catsos ♦ Anthony Martin
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Rocking Chairs, Banjos, Fishing Hoop Nets

Host Jill Wagner travels off the grid in Arkansas to meet a woodworker who whittles stately rocking chairs. In Tennessee, a man has reproduced the sound of a classic 1930’s banjo. And in Indiana, she visits a 4th generation fishing hoop net maker.

Artisans: Owen Rein  ♦  Steve Huber  ♦  Larry Haycraft
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Willow Furniture, Skis, Cutting Boards

Host Jill Wagner gathers willow and learns how to turn it into custom furniture. In Colorado, she helps make custom, handcrafted skis. Finally, in Arkansas, Jill meets a father and son who craft end grain cutting boards using an innovative technique.

Artisans: Greg Adams  ♦  Mike McCabe  ♦  Paul Sr. & Jr. Gillam
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Belt Buckles, Music Boxes, Pocket Knives

Host Jill Wagner is in Colorado with an acclaimed team of Western belt buckle makers. In Vermont, she visits a maker using modern technology to revive the distinct sound of 19th century music boxes. And in Indiana, Jill meets a knife making legend.

Artisans: Tony Bose ♦ Jonathan Herz ♦ Ted Allsup
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Torches, Stained Glass, Wind Chimes

Host Jill Wagner catches the Aloha spirit in Hawaii with an outdoor torch maker. In Colorado, she meets one of the last traditional stained glass makers. Finally, in Texas, a father and son make wind chimes that can be customized to play any tune.

Artisans: Leilehua Yuen ♦ Phil Watkins ♦ Franz Connor & Davis Blanchard
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Glass Chandeliers, Garden Tools, Western Saddles

Host Jill Wagner visits an Arizona glass blower creating elaborate, colorful chandeliers. In Oregon, she meets one of the only men in the world making iron garden tools. Then, in California, Jill visits a leather maker who carves exquisite saddles.

Artisans: Newt Grover  ♦  Bob Denman  ♦  Pedro Pedrini


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Metal Spurs, Hiking Boots, Backpacks

Host Jill Wagner visits a Texas metal worker keeping the cowboy spur tradition alive. In California, Jill treks to a custom hiking boot maker. Finally, in Oregon, she meets a family from Mexico making durable backpacks from all-American materials.

Artisans: Charles Wendt  ♦  Kevin Leahy  ♦  The Martinez Family


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Kayaks, Door Knockers, Rocking Horses

Host Jill Wagner is in New York meeting a multi award-winning kayak builder. In Arizona, Jill learns how a craftsman makes old-world style brass door knockers. Finally, in Texas, the grandson of a saddle maker carves incredible wood rocking horses.

Artisans: Dan Thaler  ♦  Larry Virtue  ♦  Alan Carr


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Violins, Yarn and Golf Putters

Host Jill Wagner is in New York City with a violin maker whose instruments are played around the globe. In California, she visits a sheep farm where wool is spun into yards of yarn. In Arizona, Jill improves her golf swing with a custom brass putter.

Aritsans: Lukasz Wronski  ♦  Marlie de Swart  ♦  LaMont Mann


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Pianos, Cowboy Hats, Tin Coffee Pots

Host Jill Wagner meets a cowboy hat maker living in an Old West town in Arizona. Next, in Maine, she visits a piano maker with a passion for the sound of old wood pianos. Then, in Wisconsin, she meets a tinsmith who makes authentic 1800’s coffeepots.

Artisans: Rod J. Regier  ♦  Eric Watson  ♦  Jim Feavel
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Cuckoo Clocks, Baseball Bats, Work Gloves

Host Jill Wagner travels to Wisconsin to meet a multi award-winning cuckoo clock maker. In Maine, she helps hand turn custom baseball bats from native hardwood trees. In Oregon, she visits one of the last leather work glove makers in the country.

Artisans: Bill Galinsky  ♦  Jesse LaCasse  ♦  Dean Catherman
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Brooms, Copper Kitchenware, Hawaiian Drums

Host Jill Wagner is in Arkansas with a man who turns broomcorn into handmade brooms. In Tennessee, she meets a craftsman making copper and antler kitchenware. Then, in Hawaii Jill meets an artisan who crafts traditional Pahu drums from coconut trees.

Aritsans: Jerry Lovensteins  ♦  Ben Caldwell  ♦  Keoni Turalde
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Best of the West Special – Leather Wallets, Boots, Chinks, Saddles, Spurs, Cowboy Hats, Buckles, Skis

Host Jill Wagner gets her cowgirl swagger on in this Western-themed, one-hour special! She meets a shop teacher turned quality spur maker, a custom hat maker who made his first hat at 12, a bootmaker inspired by 1950s styles, and many others.

Artisans: Grady Douglass ♦ Michael Wayne Brooks ♦ Eric Watson ♦ Pedro Pedrini ♦ Charles Wendt ♦ Terry & Austin Lankford ♦ Ted Allsup ♦ Mike McCabe

Spear Guns, Wood and Tile Cabinets, and Pewter Goblets

Host Jill Wagner dives deep in Florida with a fisherman making spear guns as accurate as they are beautiful. In Nevada, a female woodworker builds one of a kind wood and tile benches. In California, a metal smith makes pewter chalices fit for kings.

Artisans: John Ippolito  ♦  Jamie Yocono  ♦  Randy Stromsoe
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Salvaged Stools, Baby Wraps, and Porch Swings

Host Jill Wagner travels to New Orleans to meet a man making colorful stools from hurricane debris. In Alabama, a woman expertly weaves fashionable, functional baby wraps. Finally, in Nevada, a woodworker builds beautiful one-of-a-kind porch swings.

Artisans: Ross Lunz  ♦  Jessica Tuggle  ♦  Tom McGrady
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Street Tiles, Hammocks, and Glass Doors

Host Jill Wagner meets a husband/wife team using ceramic skills to recreate street tiles in New Orleans. A man in Georgia makes camping comfortable with his innovative hammocks. And in Nevada, a glass sculptor creates beautiful, carved glass doors.

Artisans: Mark & Ann Marie Derby  ♦  Tony Kramer  ♦  Tony Millici
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Glass Piggy Banks, Expresso Machines, Rubboards

Host Jill Wagner is in Florida with a glass blower producing piggy banks. In California, she meets a handcrafter of espresso machines. And in Louisiana, she’s with an artisan making rubboards, one of the only instruments created in America.

Artisans: Brenna Baker  ♦  Salvatore Cisaria  ♦  Tee Don Landry
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Fire Screens, Toy Cars, and Pine Needle Baskets

Host Jill Wagner starts in South Carolina with a metalsmith making fire screens in the shape of natural bamboo. In Nebraska, she meets a woodworker making nostalgic toy cars. Finally, a Mississippi woman weaves baskets with materials found in nature.

Artisans: Sean Ahern  ♦  Steve Baldwin  ♦  Bessie D. Johnson
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Saddle Shoes, Fluted Ceramic Stoneware, Spanish Lanterns

Host Jill Wagner visits a 4th generation Nebraskan shoemaker. In South Carolina, she meets a potter who incorporates his backyard greenery finds into stoneware. Finally, in California, Jill meets a couple that recreates historical Spanish lanterns.

Artisans: Tanya Holroyd & Dave Polarek  ♦  Christian Royal  ♦  Jeff Ketzler
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Etched Craft Lighting, Driftwood Pens, Straw Hats

Host Jill Wagner learns how a Detroit woodworker uses electricity to “paint” light fixtures. In Maryland, an airline pilot finds fragile driftwood to make unique pens. An award-winning South Carolina hat maker is creating museum quality sinamy hats.

Artisans: Paul Bonenberger  ♦  Tom Gauntt  ♦  Natalie Simmons
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River Fishing Nets, Standup Paddle Boards, Aluminum Tables

Host Jill Wagner wades into the waters of Washington with a woodworker making fishing nets. Next, she hits the Florida coast with a stand up paddleboard maker. In Philadelphia, Jill meets an artisan mixing metal and wood to create whimsical tables.

Artisans: Denny Carson  ♦  Heath Van Den Bogaert  ♦  Peter Handler
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Adirondack Chairs, Music Stands, Canoes

Host Jill Wagner visits a maker in Georgia crafting wood canoes. In Michigan, Jill finds a self-taught woodworker who is making state shaped Adirondack chairs. In Idaho, Jill discovers someone hitting the right note making intricate wood music stands.

Artisans: Carley Abner  ♦  Nick Hamma  ♦  Michael Norris
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Steamer Trunks, Glass & Metal Faucets, Shuffleboard Table

Host Jill Wagner meets two friends in Maryland who fuse their metal and glass working skills to make unbelievable faucets. A woodworker in Michigan creates classic steamer trunks. And in Georgia, a second-generation family builds shuffleboard tables.

Artisans: Aric Wanveer & Tim McFadden  ♦  Dennis Weber  ♦  Chris & Lizz McKay
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Metal Handbags, Razors, Neon Signs

Host Jill Wagner heads to Pennsylvania to meet a maker who crafts metal purses in a way no one thought was possible. In Maryland, Jill helps make razors with exotic woods and stones. In Las Vegas, see how neon signs are created to light up the city.

Artisans: Wendy Stevens  ♦  Dan Janssen  ♦  Paul Macias
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Recycled Wood Guitars, Silver Teapot, Infinity Bookshelves

Host Jill Wagner meets a maker in Michigan transforming reclaimed wood into electric guitars. A South Carolina artisan uses precious metal to shape modern teapots. In Georgia, a woodworker shows Jill how he makes his unique infinity shaped bookcase.

Artisans: Mark Wallace  ♦  Kaminer Haislip  ♦  Eric McKenna
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Wristwatches, Cowboy Whips, Luminarias

Host Jill Wagner is in Pennsylvania with a watchmaker who makes his parts himself, no
matter how long it takes. She gets crackin’ in Idaho with a renowned whip maker. In Maryland, a former boat maker uses his woodworking skills to create luminaries.

Artisans: Roland Murphy  ♦  Joe Strain  ♦  Allen Cady
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