Glass & Metal Faucets, Steamer Trunks, Shuffleboard Tables

Friday, January 26th at 8:30p ET

Host Jill Wagner travels the country on a quest to find talented craftsmen who still make incredible items by hand. In Baltimore, Maryland, Aric Wanveer and Tim McFadden bring together fire, metal and glass to create some of the most unique and colorful water faucets ever to fill a sink. Portland, Michigan, is home to woodworker Dennis Weber who is building classic cedar-lined steamer trunks that are used today more for storage than traveling the world. In Peachtree City, Georgia, Chris and Lizz McKay head a second-generation family business that brings families across America together with their handcrafted shuffleboard tables.


Aric Wanveer/Tim McFadden – Tapologie 

Baltimore, MD Glass & Metal Faucets | Website

At Tapologie, artisans Aric Wanveer and Tim McFadden create handmade, distinctive faucets that enhance and beautify the space, yet are functional and practical. They are works of art that work. The duo has patented a glass and metal fusion process that attaches the seemingly incompatible elements at a molecular level, called Magmabond. With this innovative technique, Aric and Tim can bring their and their customers’ creative visions to life.

Aric Wanveer

Aric apprenticed with Baltimore-based, artist and sculptor, David Hess, where he refined his craft. Today Aric is an expert fabricator and metal artist with the drive and desire to continue to perfect the craft and add to the state of the art.

Tim McFadden

Tim started his glass studies at Salisbury University in Maryland, and over time honed his craft at Pilchuck Glass School and The Corning Museum of Glass. Tim is driven to push the boundaries of his art, and teaming up with Aric has allowed him to explore and discover new techniques, and further refine his craft. Tim holds glassblowing events to the delight of fellow glass artists, spectators, and his wife, kids and extended family, who are often there to pitch in.

Dennis Weber – Weber Wood Designs  

Woodland, MI | Steamer Trunks | Website

Dennis Weber has always been passionate about wood working. In middle school and high school shop classes, he would look at a picture, and figure out how to create a similar piece.

Dennis honed his skills, making individual pieces for friends, and eventually, realized his hobby, and his love for creating could be a viable business. In 2010, he took the plunge. Since going full time, his company has grown steadily every year.

For more than twenty years, he’s been creating finely-crafted furniture, plaques, custom kitchen cabinets, clocks, flooring, and much more, including the lovely steamer trunks featured on Handcrafted America. He’s often assisted by his wife, Teresa, who shares his dedication to the craft.

Together they work as a team. Dennis draws his designs, calculates how much wood he’ll need, how he’ll approach the construction, and the time he’ll need to bring his vision to life. When the piece is complete, they work together to finish it, presenting clients with exquisite objects of functional art.

Dennis and Teresa have lived most of their lives in Michigan. They have four children, three girls and a boy, who, at their young ages, are already learning the fine art of woodworking.

Chris & Lizz McKay – Venture Games, LLC 

Peachtree City, GA | Shuffleboards | Website

In 1997, Venture Shuffleboard purchased the assets of a larger, more established shuffleboard company and went full steam ahead with the goal of securing a solid place in the gaming industry.

Today, Venture Games, LLC, through the tireless efforts of Chris and Lizz McKay and their dedicated team, is a second generation, family-owned business, proud that every piece of equipment they produce is American-made. At the start, they were committed to creating a superior shuffleboard table and accessories, and hold true to that commitment today. Every game table they produce is lovingly crafted by a skilled expert who is passionate about their craft. They thrive because of their strong family work ethic and their dedication to domestic construction.

In 2016, their work was featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle magazine, and their custom shuffleboards and other gaming tables are used in bars, lounges, arcades and corporate offices across the country.



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