Martin Antaramian, Custom Tables

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Martin Antaramian
Martin Antaramian has been wood carving for less than five years, yet every piece of furniture and sculpture he produces bears the craftsmanship of a master. A recipient of several prestigious awards, each of Antaramian’s designs is a work of art, yet is also functional. Some of his most intricate and engaging work is his Waltz series, tables that capture the waves and swirls of a dress mid-twirl. With each piece, he challenges our perception of reality.

How long did it take you to become an expert? / Do you feel like you are still learning?
I honestly do not consider myself an expert yet. I’ve only been doing wood carving for 4 years now and it just came naturally to me. I’d had 3 years of experience doing basic wood working before that, so I had a solid starting point. I’m still learning new techniques and continuously experimenting with new ideas. I’ll get there one day, but I’m a long way off from considering myself an expert.

How many hours do you spend making each item?
How many hours I spend on each piece can vary widely depending on the piece and hour much carving is involved. A coffee table with a two inch thick carved wave top takes around 300 hours. One of my Waltz tables on the other hand takes around 1,000 hours.

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