SAT, JULY 27 | 12AM ET

Gene Hackman stars! Rancher Zandy Allan and his mail order bride don’t get along. Hannah demands respect and Zandy treats her like a servant. Will this unlikely pair work together—or is this marriage doomed?


Zandy’s Bride (1974)

Gene Hackman, Liv Ullmann, and Harry Dean Stanton star! When a rough and tough American rancher, Zandy Allan, decides to marry a Swedish mail order bride, they get off to a bumpy start. When Zandy first lays eyes on Hannah Lund, he realizes that she lied about her age; instead of being in her early 20s, Hannah is 32! Despite this disappointment, he goes ahead with the marriage. He’s not looking for love; he expects Hannah to work hard, help run the ranch, and bear him children (preferably a son). What he didn’t expect was that Hannah would insist on being treated with respect and she’d have a tough streak a mile wide. Now, this unlikely pair must forge a relationship in the harsh wilderness if they hope to thrive in this unforgiving place…