Stars Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis, and Danny Glover

Harrison Ford stars! When a young Amish boy witnesses a murder and identifies a dirty cop as the killer, Detective John Book risks his life to protect the boy and his mother as they flee to the Amish countryside.


Stars Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis, Danny Glover, Alexander Gudonov, and Viggo Mortenson. This riveting movie is both a touching love story and a pulse-pounding thriller. It stars Harrison Ford as John Book, the brash, big city police detective determined to protect a young Amish boy and his mother.

Following the death of his father, eight-year-old Samuel and his mother, Rachel, go on a journey to Philadelphia. While in the men’s room, Samuel witnesses a brutal murder and just narrowly escapes detection by hiding in the bathroom stall.

It turns out that the murdered man was an undercover cop. Now, Detective John Book and his partner, Sgt. Elton Carter, try to get Samuel to identify the killer, but mug shots and a lineup offer no clues. To Book’s surprise, the boy suddenly points to a newspaper photo of narcotics officer James McFee and identifies him as the killer. Knowing McFee’s shady past, Book doesn’t dismiss Samuel; instead, he confides in his superior officer about the child’s claims.

Soon after, Book is ambushed, shot, and forced to run for his life. Borrowing his sister’s car, he whisks Samuel and his mother, Rachel, away to the Amish countryside. After they arrive at the farm, he collapses.

As Rachel tends to him, John slowly begins to recover. A tender love starts to grow between them even as they wrestle with the forbidden nature of their mutual attraction. Book’s violent “English” ways, Rachel’s father-in-law, Eli, reminds him, “are not our ways.” John responds, “They’re MY ways.”

Book’s ultimate goal is to protect Rachel, Samuel, Eli, and all of the Amish people he now cares for and respects. All he has to do is lay low in the country until he recovers. That is, if the dirty cops don’t find him first…