SUN, AUG 11 | 12AM ET

Chuck Norris reprises his popular role! When a 13-year-old boy inadvertently ends up with a government weapon, a murdering gang of criminals will stop at nothing to get it back. Now Walker won’t stop until he finds the boy—and justice is served.


Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire

Starring Chuck Norris, Sheree J. Wilson, and Janine Turner. There’s a good reason that Walker, Texas Ranger fans kept coming back for more week after week. Real life action hero Chuck Norris starred as Walker, the Texas Ranger who combined good old-fashioned police work with butt-kicking justice served on the criminals who had it coming. The good guys always prevailed and the bad guys got what for, while youngsters and the downtrodden were lifted up. Walker’s enduring popularity was the reason that this and other Walker Texas Ranger movies were created following the long-running show.

In Trial By Fire, mayhem ensues when Ranger Captain Cordell Walker and Rangers Francis Gage and Rhett Harper are involved in a shooting at a bank where a group of robbers take the tellers hostage. Ranger Harper kills two of the robbers while the leader escapes.

Along the way, a missile guidance weapon ends up in the hands of a 13-year-old boy, and now he is the prime target of a foreign crime syndicate that is trained in combat. The boy’s father reaches out to Walker for help, but by the time Walker gets to the family’s home, the father has been brutally murdered. While Walker and Gage are on the scene, the boy reappears—and the criminals do too. Walker and Gage are attacked while the boy flees.

Walker knows that he must find this young man before the foreign operatives return, because their only goal is retrieving the weapon—and they’re willing to leave a trail of bodies in their wake if necessary.

While Walker searches for the boy, D.A. Alex Cahill is forced to arrest Ranger Rhett Harper for the murder of a woman last seen with him at a local bar. Walker knows Harper and believes that he is innocent. Now nothing will stop him from clearing his good friend’s name…

Trial By Fire is jam-packed with all the adventure you’d expect from Walker, Texas Ranger. The good guys are on the move and the bad guys are going down thanks to justice being served. Plus our network premiere features an all-new ending that we’re sure INSP fans will enjoy even more!