Walker’s 10 Best Moves

When bad guys are in town, Cordell Walker kicks it into high gear! Watch Chuck Norris in action in Walker, Texas Ranger, weekdays at 2AM.


The Flying Glass Crash

No window treatment is safe when Walker is in the house!


The Spinning Rail Dive

Walker turns bad guys into projectiles.


The Bar Slide

Walker helps the bartender clean up.


The Game Over Kick

Among Walker’s many skills: Pinball wizard!


The Backwards Doorbuster

How to get rid of guests who overstay their welcome—Walker style.


The Floral Re-Arrangement Throw-down

Walker puts the petals to the metal!


The Parking Lot Hit & Stun

You might think twice about taking Walker’s parking spot!


The Double Trouble Twirl

The only one whose head isn’t spinning is Walker’s!


The Twister

Take cover! The Walker tornado is about to touch down!

Bright Lights, Big Kick

It’s lights out for criminals who cross Walker’s path.


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