The Walking Hills

Randolph Scott stars!

A group of adventurers head into Death Valley in search of a wagon full of lost gold. Complications arise, however, when a woman from the past arrives. Now, as danger mounts, secrets are revealed…and the Walking Hills may soon lay claim to its newest victims!

The Walking Hills

Randolph Scott stars as Jim Carey, a horse breeder turned adventurer in this thrilling Western, shot on location in Death Valley and Lone Pine.

One day in the late 1940s, a group of men are playing poker in the back of a cantina. The players include horse breeder Jim Carey, cowboys Shep and Johnny, a stranger named Frazee, a prospector named Old Willy, and a drifter named Chalk. Bibbs the bartender and Josh the guitar player stand nearby, chatting.

The poker game is uneventful…until talk turns to a wagon filled with gold bars worth millions of dollars. Legend has it that this wagon was lost in the Walking Hills in 1852, and has never been found.

When Johnny says he saw an old wagon the last time he was in the Hills, the group bands together to find the treasure. But they all agree to travel together, so that no one follows later and beats them to the treasure. Jim Carey brings his man Cleve along for the quest, and leads the men into Death Valley.

They arrive at the Walking Hills and reach the site that Johnny mentioned, but the sand dunes have shifted and they cannot find the wagon laden with gold. When Bibbs and Old Willy find an ox skull and a yoke, they start digging furiously.

At this point, beautiful Chris Jackson arrives. Chris was once engaged to Jim, but she broke it off and ran off with a rodeo rider named Dave Wilson – now known as Shep.

Soon, sandstorms erupt, tempers flare, and secrets are exposed. These adventurers, misfits, ne’er do wells, and outcasts aim to tame the desert – but the Walking Hills may break them first!