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Notorious gunslinger, Jimmy Ringo is ready to settle down with the wife and son he left years ago, but the brothers of a troublemaker he killed are out for revenge, and they’re not the only ones out for blood.

The Gunfighter

Notorious gunslinger, Jimmy Ringo, has had enough of life on the run. He’s finally at the point where his wanderlust has started to wane, where bar brawls and showdowns have lost their appeal. He longs to return to Peggy, the woman whose heart he broke, and the son he never got to know. He wants to settle down on a ranch with his family and live a peaceful, normal life. But trouble never travels too far behind Ringo. He’s left too many bodies in his wake, and his reputation—reality and legend—precedes him wherever he goes.

Now, on his way to reunite with his love, he stops in a sleepy southwestern town, and weary from his travels, he goes to relax in the local saloon. Immediately, the bartender, an old acquaintance, recognizes him. As they reminisce about old times, a group of ranch hands at a nearby table listens in, awed by the gunfighter’s exploits. But not all of them respect the attention given to Ringo. Eddie, a brash young hand, resents the legendary gunfighter, and being full of himself, he bates Ringo, challenging his skills, spoiling for a fight. And, though Ringo restrains himself to the breaking point, Eddie gets one, but not with outcome he imagined.

The bartender warns Ringo, Eddie has three ruthless brothers who will be out to avenge there younger brother’s death. Ringo takes off. A few miles out of town, Ringo realizes the brothers are on his tail. In a shootout, he wounds one, and disarms the others. Then he chases their horses off, leaving them to pursue him on foot. He knows they won’t give up, but at least, he’s slowed them down. He races to the small town of Cayenne, to reconnect with Peggy and their child.

In Cayenne, Ringo makes his way to the Palace Saloon, where Mac the bartender recognizes him. When Ringo goes out back to clean up, Mac sends word to Marshal Mark Strett that trouble might be brewing, but when the Strett arrives, he and Ringo greet each other like the old friends and co-conspirators they used to be. Strett gave up the outlaw life. Ringo didn’t. Now, Strett wants peace in his small town, and askes Ringo to leave. Ringo tells him he just wants to reconcile with Peggy and live a normal life, and that indeed trouble is on the way, but it will be a long time before it arrives.

Strett has taken it upon himself to protect Peggy, yet he agrees to see if she would consider a meeting with Ringo. Trying to avoid any violent confrontations, Strett sends a warning message to volatile young gunslinger, Hunt Bromley to steer clear of town, as Ringo is there. Bromley had courted Peggy, but she rebuffed his advances. Soon Bromley arrives in town itching for a fight.

Meanwhile, the three brothers, having procured fresh horses and new guns, gallop toward Cayenne, destined to show up hours earlier than Ringo expects.

Word gets to Peggy that Ringo has matured, and is ready for family life, but she’s skeptical, remembering a past filled with uncertainty, sudden violence and many tears.

Now trouble is coming, and bullets will surely fly. Will Ringo be the husband and father Peggy wants? Or is he still the gunfighter of legend and lore.