John Wayne stars! In 1818 Alabama, Kentucky militiaman John Breen leads his regiment home following the battle of New Orleans. Along the way, Breen finds love and a new fight against men trying to steal land from French refugees. Now Breen’s in an all-out war for life, love—and justice!


The Fighting Kentuckian

The Duke leads the charge in this action-packed Western that’s a rough, tough, and romantic adventure!

In 1818, Kentucky trooper, John Breen leads his regiment of Kentucky riflemen home following the Battle of New Orleans.

Along the way, they pass through an Alabama town called Demopolis, where they discover a settlement of French army refugees who have been granted land through an act of Congress.

John Wayne in the Fighting Kentuckian

It is there that Breen meets the beautiful French general’s daughter, Fleurette de Marchand. Breen quickly falls in love with her, but he has a rich and powerful rival for Fleurette’s affections—Blake Randolph. 

Breen and his sidekick, Willie Payne (played by Oliver Hardy – of Laurel and Hardy fame) never meant to get drawn in to any fights. They were simply heading home after doing their part as Kentucky Rifleman.

But, Breen cannot step aside and watch, once he learns that Randolph is part of an unscrupulous plan to cheat the French refugees out of their land. Now, with Payne by his side, Breen takes up their cause. What began as a romantic rivalry soon turns into an all-out war!

In John Breen, The Duke portrays a hero who will fight to the end for life, love, liberty…and the land of the free!

Did You Know?

The Fighting Kentuckian is just one of two times Oliver Hardy appeared in a movie without his comedy partner of 23 years, Stan Laurel. In fact, Ollie wanted to turn down the role, but Stan, who was suffering from diabetes complications, at the time and couldn’t work, insisted his buddy take the job.