In 1900, lumberman Jim Fallon can’t wait to take a saw to the giant redwoods of northern California. Only two things are in his way: his villainous rivals…and a beautiful Quaker woman.


The Big Trees

Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Charles Meredith and Edgar Buchanan star in this 1952 classic movie of rugged adventure, ruthless rivalry and unexpected romance. Fans of The Waltons will also recognize another famous face. Yes, that is the future Grandma Walton, Ellen Corby, seen here in the role of Mrs. Blackburn!

The year is 1900 and lumberman, Jim Fallon, is eager to take full advantage of a new federal logging law. He can’t wait to take a saw to the giant redwoods of northern California. Known as an uncompromising, often unscrupulous, timber baron, he does whatever is necessary to get his way, and he expects no less of the Quaker community that has settled in the area where he wants to cut. What he didn’t expect was meeting Alicia, the beautiful, widowed daughter of the sect’s Elder. At first, he sees her as a means to manipulate the group, and he agrees to their terms, that he can log all he wants as long as he doesn’t harm the sequoias, as they see themselves as the stewards of these majestic trees.

Between run-ins with the law and having to thwart other loggers as competitive and ruthless as he, Jim has his hands full. Now as Alicia works her way into his cold heart, and he begins to change his scheming ways, he finds a new enemy out to destroy him: his own cohorts. With all the odds stacked against him, and Alicia’s life in imminent danger, Jim must own up to the type of man he truly is…a man of character…or a man of cowardice.