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Epic film based on historical events! John Wayne directs, produces, and stars as Davy Crockett. Fewer than 200 Texas volunteers face the onslaught of 7,000 Mexican forces led by General Santa Ana, in the 13-day battle to defend The Alamo.

The Alamo

Nominated for seven Academy Awards, this epic film brings to the screen the true American grit shown during a battle fought for 13 grueling days, against impossible odds, in the name of freedom from oppression.

Produced, directed and starring John Wayne as Davey Crockett, with an all-star cast, including Richard Widmark, Denver Pyle, Frankie Avalon, Ken Curtis, Linda Cristal, Richard Boone, and Laurence Harvey.

The year is 1836 and Texans have declared their independence from Mexico, but the Mexican government was not conceding without a fight. The ruthless General Antonio López de Santa Anna and his army is waging war across Texas, and General Sam Houston is out to stop him, but he needs time to revamp his ragtag troops.

During the previous December, Texan soldiers had successfully defended The Alamo, an old mission chapel, against invasion by Mexican forces. Now, Houston informs Colonel William Travis that Santa Anna is planning a siege, and orders him to hold them off at all costs. And the stakes would be high, as fewer than 200 Texan soldiers and volunteers from near and far would soon face 7,000 equally fierce and patriotic Mexican soldiers.

Colonel Travis leads the soldiers officially stationed at The Alamo with a rigid, by-the-book style. In contrast, adventurer and legendary knife fighter Jim Bowie, now the leader of a small band of militia volunteers is quite rough around the edges. The two often clash in personality and military strategy. Helping keep the peace between these two powerful, opinionated men is another grand and illustrious figure who shares their steadfast passion for freedom, and will sacrifice anything to obtain it for Texas: frontiersman, politician and famed hunter, Davey Crockett. He arrived with a small contingent of about two dozen men from Tennessee to do battle against Santa Anna.

While there is plenty of action once the battle commences, Wayne, as director, spends time revealing the true characters of these men, their relationships with each other, and others trapped in The Alamo as the siege takes place.

With tremendous performances, stunning scenery, touches of comedy and moving music, this film pays homage to the American spirit, unquestioning bravery, and love of liberty.