SUN, JULY 21 | 12AM ET

William Holden stars! Outlaws-turned-lawmen, Jim and Wahoo, and their former partner in crime, Lorn, look out for each other. But then Lorn woos Jim’s girl, and his crimes escalate. Soon bullets fly!


Streets of Laredo (1949)

William Holden, Macdonald Carey, and Mona Freeman star! Based on the classic song that’s also performed in the movie, this Western is packed with gorgeous scenery, and plenty of action! In 1878, three outlaws, Jim, Lorn, and Wahoo, keep themselves busy robbing stagecoaches. But everything changes when they save a spunky young girl named Rannie Carter from vicious rustlers. Later, the three outlaws are separated; Lorn continues down the criminal path, while Jim and Wahoo become Texas Rangers. Jim and Wahoo are not above looking the other way where Lorn is involved. Occasionally, Lorn helps them, too. Being on the right side of the law is a change that suits Jim and Wahoo, while Lorn flourishes as a greedy, notorious villain. After a few years pass, Rannie reappears as a beautiful young woman—and Jim falls in love with her. But Rannie only has eyes for Lorn. Now, Jim and Lorn find themselves at odds—not just as a lawman and a criminal but as romantic hopefuls vying for the same woman. Will friendship save them—or is a showdown inevitable?