Dale Robertson stars! Major Robert Parrish is determined to broker peace with Sitting Bull…but General Custer wants war!


Sitting Bull (1954)

Dale Robertson, Mary Murphy, and William Hooper star! There’s action galore in this movie about Major Robert Parrish, a cavalryman who is sympathetic to the plight of the Sioux Indians. His reputation as an “Indian sympathizer” impacts his career and even leads his fiancée to break off their engagement. But President Ulysses S. Grant recognizes that the Indians trust Parrish, so he sends him to talk to Sitting Bull. Grant is hopeful that Parrish can iron out a land dispute with the Sioux Chief and avoid further bloodshed. However, a corrupt Indian Agent and General Custer interfere and cause trouble. Can Parrish carry out his mission to broker peace—or will he face certain death?