Burt Reynolds and Clint Walker star! A lovely widow hires Sam to return stolen gold, but it’s complicated. The mission is nearly impossible—but where there’s a will, there’s the Sam Whisky way….


Sam Whiskey (1969)

Burt Reynolds, Clint Walker, and Angie Dickinson star! Sam Whiskey is a rogue and an adventurer in the Old West. He’ll do just about anything for money—but when a lovely widow hires him to retrieve gold bars that her dead husband stole and return them to save her family name, he hesitates. First, he must dive into the Colorado’s Platte River to retrieve the sunken treasure; then, he must replace the gold-painted lead bars with the real thing—all while getting the gold bars back into the Denver Mint without anyone noticing. He figures all he needs is some partners to split the $20,000 fee and it should be easy, right? (Wrong!) But where there’s a will, there’s the Sam Whiskey way….