Chuck Connors stars! After years away making his fortune, a buffalo hunter returns home to find his wife. But he’s met by a trio of men who rob, beat, and brand him. Now, this hunter vows vengeance….


Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966)

Chuck Connors, Barbara Hayes, Bill Bixby, and Claude Akins star! This compelling Western has amazing performances from the entire cast, including Chuck Connors in one of his finest roles. A poor but proud man, Jonas Tripp, insists that his new wife leave her pampered life behind and follow him to Kansas, where he’ll make his fortune as a buffalo hunter. When she refuses, he goes alone. Seventeen years pass when he comes back with a $17,000 fortune in two saddle bags—and looking to reunite with his wife. But just outside of his hometown, he’s beaten and robbed by three men. Now, he will stop at nothing to find the men who beat, branded, and stole from him—and he vows to make them pay….