Yul Brynner stars in this sequel! Two survivors from the original Magnificent Seven crew must assemble a new band of gunslingers to save fifty Mexican men abducted and enslaved by an insane rancher.


Return of the Seven (1966)

Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Warren Oates, and Claude Akins star! Return of the Seven is the first sequel to the beloved Western, The Magnificent Seven.

Fifty men from a small Mexican village are rounded up and abducted by armed gunmen. One of the men, Chico, was part of a group of men who saved his village from an evil bandit some years before. When he is taken away, his wife, Petra, reaches out to the two surviving members of the original group: Chris and Vin.

Petra begs Chris and Vin to help save Chico and the other men from her village. They agree, but first, they must recruit new men to fill their ranks. First stop—the local jail, where they buy the freedom of Frank and Louis. Next, they enlist the help of Colbee, and Manuel. Every single one of them is a great gunslinger.

The six men soon track the kidnapped villagers into the desert and learn that Lorca, a wealthy and possibly insane rancher, has had the fifty men brought out here as slaves so they can build a church to honor his two dead sons.

Chris and Vin lead their men on a surprise attack and force Loca’s men to leave. Now they must prepare for the coming counterattack, and with help from Chico, they’ll be seven men ready for battle once more.

Although the enslaved men don’t offer any assistance, through sheer determination and grit, the seven men manage to beat back the initial attack. But there’s no time for celebration; Lorca vows to return with every gunman on his land to destroy the seven.

If they’re outmanned, outgunned, and outmaneuvered, will the Return of the Seven end in triumph—or annihilation?