Private detective James Barlow comes to Indiana in 1866 to infiltrate the notorious Reno brothers gang. Posing as an outlaw, he begins to lay a trap for the gang—even as he courts their sister. Can he bring justice back to the town and its citizens?


Rage at Dawn

Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Mala Powers, and Edgar Buchanan star in this classic Western set in 1866 Indiana about a gang of bank robbers…and the private detective who aims to bring them to justice.

The Reno brothers have most of the local lawmen and politicians in their pockets and can rob banks and trains at will. That is, until they set out to rob a bank in a nearby town and the locals are ready for them. They come to the conclusion that Murphy, a local bartender, was the informant. So, they knock Murphy out, tie him up, and leave him to die in the barn that they set on fire.

What the Reno boys don’t know is that Murphy was an undercover agent working with the Peterson Detective Agency…and a new agent is on his way. James Barlow, once a secret agent for the Confederacy and a sharpshooter, now works for Peterson and he’s intent on bringing this lawless band of brothers down.

With help from another agent, Monk Claxton, Jim Barlow stages a train robbery that gets everybody’s attention. The gang, lawmen, and politicians are all only too eager to play along with this accomplished thief…especially after Jim assures them that he will cut them in on any and all ill gotten gains.

Barlow is setting the perfect trap for the Reno brothers, the crooked lawmen, and the corrupt politicians who give them safe haven. But things get complicated when Jim strikes up a romantic relationship with Laura—the sister of the lawless Reno brothers!  

Now, Jim must lay the groundwork to lure these lawless brothers into a high stakes train robbery at dawn. But can he do it without losing the woman he loves—or getting himself killed in the process?