Spencer Tracy stars! This Western retells the adventures of the legendary Roger’s Rangers, their French and Indian War heroics, and the indomitable pioneer spirit that helped them to fight to the end.


Northwest Passage

Spencer TracyRobert Young, and Walter Brennan star in this beautifully filmed, action-packed, and epic Western! This spectacular Technicolor film was nominated for the Academy Award in Cinematography.

In 1759, Langdon Towne and “Hunk” Marriner meet Roger Roberts, the commander of Roger’s Rangers, in a tavern. Roger recruits both men to help him as he and his Rangers head north to fight the troublesome Abenakis, an Indian tribe in Canada.

Northwest PassageWith muskets, gun powder, and knives in hand, this band of men head north in whale boats and scramble to avoid capture by the French. Unfortunately, some of the men are injured in a fight with Mohawk scouts, forcing Roger to send the wounded men, the Mohawks, and other soldiers who refused to follow orders back to Crown Point.

The depleted Rangers hide their boats and take a long, miserable march through swampland, hoping to conceal their whereabouts. But before long, they learn that the French have stolen all their boats and supplies. In response, Roger creates a new plan: he sends an injured officer to deliver a message to the British at Fort Crown Point requesting that new supplies be sent to Fort Wentworth, where the Rangers will collect them.

In the meantime, Roger and his men rush headlong towards adventure…and danger. Success is the only outcome they’ll accept, but first, they must cross a river, conquer the Abenaki tribe, avoid ambushes by the French, battle desperate hunger, endure inclement weather, and make it to Fort Wentworth alive. From there, they must find the elusive Northwest Passage to the Pacific.

It would be a tall order for even the most elite fighting force. But with one hundred miles to go and a weary band of men by his side, Roger Roberts musters every ounce of ambition and resolve he possesses to drive his men forward.

Because nothing can extinguish the flame of the American pioneering spirit…or take the fight out of the legendary Roger’s Rangers!